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    Unknown ribbon on a non-combatant's bar?

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    Now the OP needs to confirm if the thin stripe on the edge is green or if it is blue.


    At first glance, I thought it was a "forest" green.  It looks more blue in the photograph than it does in person.  Took a look it with my trusty photographer's loupe, and the weft is a similar blue to the Lippe-Schaumburg ribbon.  I'm guessing that the green is just the result of aging, and it's effected some of the fibers more than others.  (The black on the EK also has a distinctly navy blue tint to it that's more visible to the unaided eye.)

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    As said recently, I'm becoming more and more suspicious with the increasing number of ribbon bar fakes around, and it's well possible I'm too suspicious sometimes... I don't like the looks of this one, sorry! I might be wrong (and by the way, I'd prefer to be!), but this would not be one for my collection...




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