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    Unidentified Japanese Medals/Badges/Fobs

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    I'm new to the forum, but am very grateful for this resource. I recently purchased a large collection of Japanese medals and have been able to identify dozens of them here thanks to the efforts of others over the years. I also found a few on the "Medals of Asia" site as well. Most of the medals in this collection seem to be from the early 1900's, while a few are earlier, and a couple later. I hope it's ok I'm posting the medals I was unable to identify here for those more knowledgeable than myself to take a look at and possibly assist in the identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


    I have taken close up photos of each of the medals, but didn't want to post too many pictures here, so if anyone needs better/closer pics, just let me know and I'll post them. 









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    I must admit I'm a little embarrassed I didn't find more on the Medals of Asia site after spending so much time there. I appreciate the medal ID's and have had a great time reading more about them online. I love the quality and variety of these Japanese medals.

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