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    Oberst Adolf Von Roques (IR 77)

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    Good evening to you all,
    I am looking for a picture of Oberst Adolf Von Roques commanding the Infantry Regiment Nr. 77 from mobilisation to 23/01/1915. If somebody has the history...
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello Joel!

    By the way: He also was Leader of 40th Infantry-Brigade (just a couple of days, from August 29, 1914 until around September 1914.

    He was born August 14, 1862, and he died May 3, 1946.

    He was commander of IR77 from August 2, 1914 until January 14, 1915. Then he left the active army, became "z.D." (Zur Disposition gestellt, set to disposition) and became commander of Landwehr-Bezirk  ("district") Lübeck.

    Promotion to Oberstleutnant: April 18, 1913

    He received the "Charakter" as Oberst (Colonel) April 18, 1915.

    Edited by The Prussian
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    Good evening Prussian,
    Thank you for the information. His time in command of the 40 BI was unknown to me. He was therefore placed between oberst Arthur Von Lindequist and generalmajor Ferdinand Von Stockhausen who began his command on 16/09/1914. Most certainly a period of command as Brigade Führer. Very interesting.
    Thank you again for your information and the time spent to find it for me.

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