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    Tresse used for the 1920 RH sleeve ranks

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    Trying to identify the type of tresse used for the sleeve ranks of the Provisional and early RH as seen on the soldier and on the right in the image below. Does someone know or have an example. I would guess it is a WWI pattern. Thanks.


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    Hello Johnny!

    The headline is wrong.

    The left side (the blue ones) were worn from Jan.19, 1919 until May 15, 1919. First the stripes should be light-blue, but darker ones (made from old blue tunics) were accepted too.

    Those blue stripes were worn officially until May 1919, but were accepted until April 1921.

    The right side (the white ones) were introduced May 5, 1919 and were worn until January 1, 1921.

    The first era (the blue ones) were worn from the so-called "Friedensheer" (Peacearmy), the second era (the white ones) were worn from the "Vorläufige Reichswehr" (Provisional Reichswehr).

    Since 1921 the well-known shoulder straps were worn. In 1935 "the eagle has landed" upon the uniform...

    Here the uniform from 1921-1935:



    Edited by The Prussian
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    Thanks, I did not make the image and know the dates are not correct. Thank you for the detailed information on the blue wool rank cloth, Do you have an example of or know the type of silver tresse used in the rank system on the the right and as worn by the illustrated officer etc. Thank you. 

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    I attached a couple of RW-photos.


    Friedensheer. Hauptmann Feldart.Rgt.15



    Friedensheer: Gefreiter



    Friedensheer: Vizefeldwebel Inf.Rgt.23



    Friedensheer: Hauptmann, Inf.Rgt.44



    Reichswehr: Gefreiter or Unteroffizier (it changed during the era) , Inf.Rgt.20



    Reichswehr: Feldwebel Inf.Rgt.16 (sniper wings)



    Vorläufige Reichswehr: Offizier-Stellvertreter


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    Thanks for posting the pictures, two of them appear to be the earlier blue felt. The images are not clear enough to see the tresse type. The silver tresse is what I am trying to identify. The tresse used by officers looks wider. The enlisted and NCO ranks may be the narrow type used for the Schiessauszeichnung.There is a very nice image of it in the image posted here in #121




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    Yes, I know of and own the book but the pictures of the tunics and tresse in the book are not clear. I have the earlier smaller version of the book that was published by the Bavarian Army museum which has the drawings and in many ways is better. I used to have the email for Jürgen Kraus but he no longer is at the Army Museum.  I will contact some other people. Thank you for the information on the blue ranks and material used. 

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    Here are some examples from my photo collection. Examples for both earlier and later sleeve rank insignias. 




    Former Artillerist and Vizefeldwebel in the Friedensheer


    Beamtenstellvertreter in the Friedensheer


    Wedding Photo of a Bavarian Vizewachtmeister in the Friedensheer


    Vorläufige Reichswehr:


    Vizefeldwebel of the Reichswehr Schützen-Regiment 40


    Stabsarzt Dr. Aloys Ansprenger


    Vizewachtmeister in the 1. Bayer. Leichtes Artillerie Regiment 21, Member of the Freikorps von Epp


    Leutnant in the Reichswehr-Brigade 16, Member of the Freiwilliges Landjägerkorps


    Members of the Freiwillige Sächsische Grenzjäger-Brigade


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    Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Können Sie bitte ein Nahaufnahmen der Tresse/litze posten, die der Dr. Ansprenger trägt? Ich versuche den Tresse-Typ zu identifizieren, der von Offizier verwendet wird. 


    Vielen Dank für die Kontaktinformationen von Dr. Kraus. Sie können mir die E-Mail senden, das wäre großartig. Als ich ihm das letzte Mal schrieb, war er noch Kurator.





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