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    I would imagine that there many already known manufacturing/production techniques of original orders decorations and medals used by their original manufacturers, databases or similar already to some degree already exist although not in a centralised form, the possibilities of using such technology could be used for comparison, although at the moment the practicalities need to be examined, tbh any way of stemming the growing problem of increasingly accurate fakes is to be welcomed, yoy only need to read some of the threads on GMIC, to realise the problem, just a thought. 


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    It's more like a digital forgery-proof expertise. Where it's 100% proof that the piece belongs to the expertise. Not useful for spotting fakes in the wild.

    The same Technic, a little less picky, could be useful for identifying fakes. A little less picky means, the used unique details are not so unique how used to identify something as unique, more likely to identify all e.g.  AWS 1870 IC1.

    But IMO that is nothing for what you would need the Bosch software. Because the USP of this Software is the depth of detail which make it possible to identify everything as unique.

    IMO you could do the little less picky fake identifier software, by training a KI with enough pictures and the knowledge like, what is a hanging nine.


    If accelerator mass spectrometry driven radiocarbon dating is getting cheaper, it could be also very interesting. There might be fakes out there which were judged as real for decades. Just think of the Type 22 fakes.


    But even speaking openly about this, is nothing which makes you friends. This kind of revolutions and also the thoughts about, are not liked by collectors with the state-of-the-art knowledge (which then is partly obsolete) and the then maybe questionable pieces in their collections.

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