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    Japan: "The First National Census Commemorative Medal / 國勢調査記念章 / Kokusei Chōsa Kinenshō"

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    Dear Gentlemen,

    The "The First National Census Commemorative Medal" was created by Imperial Edict nº722 Taishō 10th Year (1920).


    In his excellent monograph "Orders & Medals of Japan and Associated States" James W. Peterson wrote about the obverse, I quote "... the figure of a local official of the Taika era (645 A.D.) ...".


    This official is a Kokushi (国司). Kokushi (official) - Wikipedia


    The medal:








    with the award document nº77 357 to 水上藏:




    There is also this small badge (徽章 / Kishō):



    (Note: those three items where together)


    And stamps:




    For more see (in Japanese):


    大正十年勅令第二百七十二号(第一回国勢調査記念章制定ノ件) | e-Gov法令検索


    第四回 かしわ・その時「大正9年10月1日~第一回国勢調査が実施された日~」 | 柏市 (kashiwa.lg.jp)


    記念章 - Wikipedia


    国勢調査 (日本) - Wikipedia


    The badges (徽章 / Kishō) of the following census:






    - 1930:








    - missing the 1940 badge.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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