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    Oberst Ernst Schürmann, GL/Flak-E 2

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    Greetings all and glad to be onboard.


    I am looking for records information, including possibly an official photograph/portrait for a Oberst Ernst Schürmann, whom I came across a reference of when reviewing a record of gun test firing activities in Oksboel (firing range in Denmark) that he was involved in on December 11th through December 18th, 1943.  I have very little else on him other than he was representing GL/Flak-E 2 at the time.  Have already solicited help from Mr. Stankey from the amazing LwOCS/Personnel Records of the Luftwaffe site but was not successful.  Anyone have access to additional information or perhaps a photograph?

    Data from LwOCS website:

    SCHÜRMANN, Ernst.  

    28.10.39 Maj., transferred from Fest.Flak-Abt. 34 to Flak-Abt. 298 and appt Kdr.

    01.12.40 Obstlt., appointed  Kdr. Flakscheinw.Rgt. 500 (later re-designated Flakscheinwerfer.Rgt. 4) (to 08.41).

    08.41 appt Kdr. Flakscheinwerfer.Rgt. 4 (to 01.04.43)

    01.04.42 promo to Oberst.

    01.04.43 Kdr. Flakscheinw.Rgt. 4, trf to Ob.d.L. pool with temporary duty to RLM (GL/Flak E).

    01.06.43 appt Chef 2.Abt.(Geräte)/Amtsgruppe  Flakentwicklung GL in RLM.

    15.11.44 Oberst, Chef der Abt. Geräte/Chef d. Techn. Luftrüstung in Gen.St.d.Lw.

    01.45 Oberst, appt Kdr. Flak-Rgt. 44 (to 04.45).

    02.04.45 appt Kdr. Flak-Rgt. 64 (to 04.45).


    Thank you my friends.  

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    20 hours ago, hucks216 said:

    There are quite a few men with that name listed in Inveno/Bundesarchiv with files but to locate any file a date of birth needs to be known.

    Hi hucks, 

    Yep, I forgot to check that - There's three Ernst Schurmann there in PERS 6-2 for Luftwaffe, I have it narrowed down to the one born 8.5.1894,  PERS 6/5376 - If this is indeed the right one. 


    because I think the other two third born in 1914 and 1920 were battlefield promotion (Kr.O.) and I don't have any evidence my man was prior enlisted.


    If anyone readily has anything else on this individual, I would be grateful.



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