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    South African Special Forces (Recces)


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    Set of coins specially made for W/O1 Koos Moorcroft a former RSM for 5 Recce Regiment and Sergeant Major of the SA Army for his 80th birthday. Only 40 sets were made to raise money for Fort Osprey





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    South African Special Forces Association (SASFA) former officer in the SA Police Special Taskforce, before he transfered to the SADF and did Special Forces selection and became an Operator


    They were 3 friends who transfeted together from SAP STF to SADF SF


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    Another SASFA blazer of a former Commander of 2 different Special Forces Units.


    He received a Honoris Crux for an act of bravery during the Angolan Bushwar.


    He also designed the SASFA Decorations for Meritorious Service and was awarded the Class Silver for numerous meritorious acts.


    He did duty with 32 Bn as well, as a Commander of the 32 Battalion Recce Group.


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    Hi Chris, 


    Thanks and that is the Recce Operator Sniper coins.


    This is all part of my collection.


    I'm waiting for you to visit my Mancave, one day




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    One of the rarest badges to get for all SA Special Forces Collectors


    The Kwanyama badge 


    Less than 40 was awarded, but it was never numbered. Its easy to spot fakes


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    Here we have the first and only beret ever made for the SA Special Forces Brigade, with the badge embroided into the beret.50 Of these berets were ordered for 4 SF Brigade


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