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  1. Never seen it before. Looks like late (small) naming with their service number from WW2. Can't think that there was naming done in 1994. New ones wouldn't have such big service numbers on, Not a lot of persons in the Black Powder club, well not in their ten of thousands anyway. So the question is, did they took original ASMs and modified them? Or did they created a new die, that looks like the ASM, to stamp new 'medals'? Very weird.... Chris
  2. Rookie

    Venda order

    Thanks Marcon1, for the info.
  3. Rookie

    Venda order

    Hi, this is my first post with photos, so let see.... I got this orders of Thohoyandou, from Venda pre 1994 I can't find any info on them and no pictures on the net. so I presume they are scarce.
  4. Hi all I think there was also a Maj Gen du Toit, that served in the liaison office in Japan during the Korean war. Seeing that Gen Moll was mentioned. Chris
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