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    Officers infantry regiment nr. 116 "Kaiser Wilhelm".

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    Hello everyone,
    I am looking for information on certain officers of the infantry-regiment nr. 116 (first name, successive postings, possibly photos...)
    - oberstleutnant Fritz Junge (it seems he served with IR 135)
    - Major Kühl (several times Rgt Kdr of IR 117 during the conflict)
    - Major Erich Mansfeld (Rgt Kdr IR 116 from 04/12/1917 (offz der armee 29/08/1918)
    - Major Meyn (Rgt Kdr of IR 117 from 27/11/1917 to 03/12/1917 (I did find another Major Meyn as regiment-kommandeur of RIR 230 but is this the same officer?)
    thank you in advance
    with kind regards


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    Hello Bernd-W
    Unfortunately it doesn't cover the period of the 1st World War (that's the period I'm interested in).
    Thanks all the same

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    Posted (edited)

    Yes, I know, but normally you dont spawn as a i.e. Major at the Battlefield in 1914. So you might find them in the books as i.e. Lts.

    117 is also online:


    Sometimes this page merge two chronics /books into one, so you have to scroll till the end and take a look if it also covers WW1. But its not the case for this books, I had a look. 


    In the so called "Fest-Buch" for the "Großer 116er Tag Gießen 5. - 7. Sept. 1925" is a list of the guests of honor:

    Oberst Meyn is mentioned.

    And a Oberst a. D. Mansfeld and

    Oberst a. D. Jungé (sic!)


    So you could have a look for Meyn in the Reichswehr ranklist 1924: https://www.sbc.org.pl/dlibra/publication/392739/edition/370125

    Page 95: Infanterieschule München 1. Lehrgang Leader: Oberst Meyn.

    There is only one Meyn in the ranklist, so its likely him.


    In the "Grossherzoglich hessische ordensliste 1885,1890,1894,1898"

    I did not find any of the names, I guess its to early for them to have received any awards.


    Edited by Bernd_W
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    Hello Bernd-W
    Many thanks for your reply. I should have thought of it sooner...
    I haven't found any other information on my IR 116 officers (apart from Meyn's presence in the 1924 Reichswehr Rangliste). However, I did manage to watch the entire book on IR 117 and I did find traces of young lieutenants who were still with the regiment at the start of the First World War (Heinrich Von Westernhagen, who joined IR 115, and Major Fritz Henrici, battalionkommandeur and then regimentführer of 117....). In short, I'm delighted to be able to include a few first names and career paths in my photos.
    Many thanks again and have a good weekend.


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    Posted (edited)

    I have the book: Albert Hiß: Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm (2. Großherzoglich Hessisches) Nr. 116 (Erinnerungsblätter deutscher Regimenter, Band 104 preuß. Anteil); 231 Seiten, Oldenburg: Stalling; 1924.

    If you thought about buying it, you wont find any named pictures in there, there are pictures but w/o any names. Also there are no "Stellenbeschreibungen" in the appendix, only in the continuous text sometimes.


    If you are interest in hessian officers pictures here is Major von Goessel (Stolen from eBay).

    1908 and 1914 Ranklist: Hauptmann at IR 118

    January 1915, RIR 254, Commander of the 1. Battalion

    March 1919, IR 118,Commander of the 3. Battalion

    He build up the Freikorps Hessen.





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    Hello Bernd-W
    I already have the Erinnerungsblätter for IR 116, which is available here:




    Unfortunately like all Errinerungsblätter, which are simplified works and there are not many photos (unlike a regimental history). Some don't even have photos of successive commanders, which is a real shame.
     I hope to find traces of these officers in other regiments and why not a photo....
    I've already found quite a few photos of regimental and battalion commanders in other works as they were posted during the conflict.

    Thank you for the photo of Major Von Gössel, it will find its place in my photographic database.
    bonne fin de week-end



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    Some information for you




    Kay Meyn  (20.11.1872-18.12.1940)

    31.01.28                m. Char. als Gen.Maj. d. Absch. bew.

    01.02.26-31.01.28       Kom. d. 9. Inf. R.  (Potsdam)

    01.04.24-01.02.26       Leiter d. I. Lehrgang d. Inf. Sch.

    31.10.22-01.04.24       Komdt. v. Magdeburg

    01.01.21-31.10.22       Kom. d. III./12. Inf. R.  (Magdeburg)

    [02.09.18               b. Regiment eingetroffen]

    25.08.18-13.01.19       Kom. d. Res. Inf. R. 230

    01.10.12-1914           Chef 8./Inf. R. 175  (Graudenz)

    [22.04.-26.05.08        k.z. III. Lehrkursus b.d. Inf. Schießsch.]

    18.05.07-01.10.12       Chef 4./Jäg. B. 9  (Ratzeburg)

    21.07.04-18.05.07       in 1./Jäg. B. 9  (Ratzeburg)

    01.10.01-21.07.04       k.z. Kr. Akad.

    01.04.98-31.08.01       Adj. d. Jäg. B. 9  (Ratzeburg)

    1897-01.04.98           in 4./Jäg. B. 9  (Ratzeburg)

    27.01.93-1896           in 2./Jäg. B. 9  (Ratzeburg)

    27.01.93                Sek.Lt.

    17.05.92                Port. Fähnr.

    01.10.91                als Fahnenj. in Jäg. B. 9 eingetr.


    Oberst      01-05-23 (2)

    Oberstlt.   01-10-20 (52)

    Major       27-01-15 P3p

    Hptm.       18-05-07 F9f

    Oberlt.     27-01-02 N4n

    Leutn.      27-01-93 W5w


    Erich Mansfeld  (02.09.1867-??)

    1943                    Oberst a.D., Hamburg, Eppendorferstieg 4

    31.12.20                d. Char. als Oberst u.d. Erlaubn. z. Tr. d. Unif. d. Füs. R. 73 erhalt.

    05.11.20                d. Absch. bew.

    1920                    im Reichsw. Schützen R. 18

    29.08.18                v.d. Armee

    04.12.17-29.08.18       Kom. d. Inf. R. 116

    05.05.17                verw.

    12.09.16-04.12.17       Kom. d. Inf. R. 394

    14.10.14-12.09.16       Kom. d. Res. Jäg. B. 9

    02.08.14                Kom. d. II./Res. Inf. R. 75

    01.10.13-02.08.14       b. St. d. Inf. R. 76  (Hamburg)

    03.12.12-01.10.13       Chef 1./III. Stamm See B.  (Cuxhaven)

    21.11.08-03.12.12       Chef 5./III. See B.

    01.08.08-21.11.08       im III. Stamm See B.

    01.10.06-01.08.08       Chef 2./II. See B.  (Wilhelmshaven)

    27.01.03-30.09.06       Chef 9./Inf. R. 74  (Hannover)

    19.11.01-27.01.03       in 4./Inf. R. 74  (Hannover)

    08.07.00-19.11.01       im 3. Ostas. Inf. R.

    01.04.00-08.07.00       k.b. Bez. Kom. Hannover als Adj.

    01.01.00-31.03.00       k.z. Dienstl. b. Bez. Kom. Hannover

    01.04-97-01.01.00       Adj. II./Inf. R. 164  (Hameln)

    1896-01.04.97           Adj. II./Füs. R. 73  (Hannover)

    1895                    in 2./Füs. R. 73  (Hannover)

    01.03.94-1894           in 14./Füs. R. 73  (Hannover)

    01.10.93-28.02.94       k.z. Milit. Turnanst.

    14.02.88-01.10.93       in 6./Füs. R. 73  (Hannover)

    14.02.88                Sek.Lt.

    14.05.87                Port. Fähnr.

    22.09.86                als Fahnenj. in Füs. R. 73 eingetr.


    Oberstlt.   18-08-18 S

    Major       01-10-13 Bb

    Hptm.       27-01-03 Ee

    Prem.Lt.    14-07-95 Hh

    Sek.Lt.     14-02-88


    Fritz Jungé  (29.05.1865-1936)

    27.03.20                d. Char. als Gen.Maj. m. Wirkung v. 31.03.1920 erhalt.

    11.03.19-??             Kom. d. Landw. Bez. I Cöln

    11.03.19                m. Pens. z. Disp. gestellt

    ??-11.03.19             v.d. Armee

    12.07.17                Kom. d. Landw. Inf. R. 84

    26.01.17-12.07.17       Kom. d. Inf. R. 116

    05.11.14-05.03.15       Kom. d. Inf. R. 135

    02.08.14                b. Dir. d. Milit. Eisenb. Dir. 2  (Hanau)

    22.05.12-02.08.14       Kom. d. I./Inf. R. 130  (Metz)

    06.04.09-22.05.12       Lin. Komm. in Erfurt, U.d. Inf. R. 88

    15.02.09-06.04.09       Eisenb. Lin. Komm. in Cassel, U.d. Inf. R. 88

    22.04.05-15.02.09       Eisenb. Lin. Komm. in Münster, U.d. Inf. R. 88

    15.09.04-22.04.05       k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Inf. R. 88

    19.09.01-15.09.04       Chef 7./Inf. R. 88  (Mainz)

    01.04.97-19.09.01       Adj. d. 84. Inf. Brig.  (Lahr)

    1896-01.04.97           in 12./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    [01.01.-01.04.97        k.z. Dienstl. b. St. d. 29. Div.]

    [21.07.-19.09.95        k.z. Dienstl. b. St. d. XIV. AK]

    [25.09.-09.10.94        k.z. Festungs u. Gen. St. Reise d. XIV. AK]

    1895                    in 6./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    01.10.93-1894           in 11./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    01.12.90-01.10.93       k.z. Bez. Kom. Offenburg als Adj.

    1890-01.12.90           in 9./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    1889                    in 7./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    1888                    in 10./Inf. R. 25  (Rastatt)

    1887                    in 11./Inf. R. 25  (Straßburg)

    20.02.85-1886           in 6./Inf. R. 25  (Straßburg)

    20.02.85                Sek.Lt. m. Patent v. 14.02.1885

    10.05.84                Port. Fähnr.

    16.10.83                als Dreij. Freiw. in Inf. R. 25 eingetr.


    Oberst      16-09-17 C

    Oberstlt.   08-11-14 W

    Major       04-08-09 C2c

    Hptm.       18-03-99 X2x

    Oblt.       14-09-93

    Leutn.      14-02-85


    I have no connection for these officers to Inf. R. 116, but I think they are the best candidates


    Ferdinand Kühl  (04.01.1871-??)

    1955                    Oberstlt. a.D., Elberfeld, Friedrich-Wilhelm Str. 1

    1942                    Oberstlt. a.D., Elberfeld, Adolf Hitler Str. 442

    1920                    Leiter d. Versorgungsamts Erbach i.O.

    1918                    Kom. d. Res. Inf. R. 88

    01.10.13-1914           Chef MG./Inf. R. 88  (Mainz)

    15.06.07-01.10.13       Chef 9./Inf. R. 88  (Mainz)

    18.05.07-15.06.07       überz. Hptm. in Inf. R. 30

    1903-18.05.07           in 2./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    01.04.02-1902           in 12./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    01.04.01-31.03.02       k.z. 3./Unteroffiz. Sch. Treptow

    18.08.97-01.04.01       k.z. 3./Unteroffiz. Sch. Weißenels

    1897-18.08.97           in 11./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    1896                    in 1./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    1895                    in 2./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    1894                    in 11./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    1893                    in 9./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    22.08.91-1892           in 11./Inf. R. 30  (Saarlouis)

    22.08.91                Sek.Lt.

    18.11.90                Port. Fähnr.


    Major       24-12-14 Cc

    Hptm.       18-05-07 W3w

    Oberlt.     17-02-00 Mm

    Leutn.      22-08-91


    Otto Kühl  (28.05.1872-06.06.1945)

    06.06.45                als Oberstlt. a.D. in Kassel gest.

    1920                    Major, Kassel, Wigandstr. 16

    25.07.10-1914           Chef 7./Inf. R. 135  (Diedenhofen)

    20.04.10-25.07.10       überz. Hptm.

    01.08.08-20.04.10       in 5./Inf. R. 135  (Diedenhofen)

    01.09.05-31.07.08       in Schutztr. f. DOA

    1905-30.08.05           in 4./Inf. R. 83  (Cassel)

    01.10.03-1904           in 3./Inf. R. 83  (Cassel)

    01.10.01-30.09.03       k.b. Bez. Kom. Marburg als Adj.

    1901-01.10.01           in 4./Inf. R. 83  (Cassel)

    [01.03.-31.07.99        k.z. Milit. Turnanst.]

    [04.07.-30.07.98        k.z. Gew. Fabr. Erfurt]

    1898-1900               in 9./Inf. R. 83  (Arolsen)

    22.03.97-1897           in 4./Inf. R. 83  (Cassel)

    1895-22.03.97           in 1./Inf. R. 70  (Saarbrücken)

    20.05.93-1894           in 2./Inf. R. 70  (Saarbrücken)

    20.05.93                Sek.Lt.

    18.10.92                Port. Fähnr.

    22.03.97                in Inf. R. 70 eingetr.


    Major       18-08-16 Oo

    Hptm.       20-04-10 Rr

    Oberlt.     12-09-02 G3g

    Leutn.      20-05-93 O6o




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    Hi Andy,
    Many thanks for all this very, very valuable information. I'm looking at it all tomorrow...I've got some research to do 😉
    with many thanks

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    Well, I'm having a bit of bad luck. Either Erich Mansfeld doesn't appear in any of the photos I have, or I don't have the history (yet). The same goes for Fritz Jungé and the two Kühls, Ferdinand and Otto....
    On the other hand, I did find Kay Meyn's photo in the history of RIR 230, so that's one for me 😉
    It's only a postponement...
    Thanks again for your precious help.



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    Hello again,
    I have just received the following information:

    - Major Kühl (Regiment-führer) of IR 116 from 12/07/1917 is listed as kommandeur of the 2nd Btn of this regiment in March 1918. He took command of IR 332 from 12/04/1918.

    I only have to find the history of this regiment to find his first name and possibly his photo 😉
    with kind regards



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    Looks like Meyn was part of the Freiwilliges Landesjägerkorps / Freikorps Maercker.

    Tessin lists:


    Freischützenkorps Meyn, errichtet 1918 im Westerwald aus 50. Res. Div. (Rgt. 229, 230, 231) mit Kav.Abt. und Bttr.; wurde als V. Abt. dem Landesjägerkorps angegliedert (dann 3. 5. dessen Jäger-Abt.)


    Ingo Haarcke lists at No. 599 (w/o a picture) Freischützenkorps Meyn:


    Ärmelabzeichen: breiter Stoffwinkel

    Sleeve Badge: broad fabric ribbon.

    Together with the Freiwilliges Landesjägerkorps collar tabs.

    Edited by Bernd_W
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    Weitze lists this as: 

    Freischützenkorps Berlin / Volkswehrabteilung Meyn


    Not sure about the Freischützenkorps Meyn is the same like Volkswehrabteilung Meyn. So to speak, the same Guy.  Freischützenkorps Berlin / Volkswehrabteilung Meyn is No. 101 in Haarckes book. And no Freiwilliges Landesjägerkorps collar tabs are mentioned there.  In Tessin the  Volkswehrabteilung Meyn is listed with:

    Republikanisch e Schutztruppe , errichtet 19. 1. 1919 mit:

    Freischützenkorps Berlin (Meyn), 5 Abt., als Teil der freiw.Volkswehr; wurde Juni 1919 Sicherheitspolizei Berlin



    Freischützenkorps Meyn is clearly him because of the picture and arb lists him with:

    25.08.18-13.01.19       Kom. d. Res. Inf. R. 230

    which is also inTessin:  50. Res. Div. (Rgt. 229, 230, 231) 



    But thanks for the pdf, interesting read.


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