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    Prussian rangliste / Rote Adler Orden help, please

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    I'm trying to find more info on Fritz Franz MICHELL, and would also like to confirm that he received the Prussian Rote Adler Orden.

    He would also have seen colonial service before and during WOI.

    If anyone with access to relevant lists could have a look, that would be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks!!!


    Best regards,



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    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Unfortunately I don't have much additional information, other than I'm trying to identify a mixed group of German and Belgian Congo decorations.

    From the Congolese decorations configuration there seems to be only 1 German that fits the bill: Fritz Franz MICHELL.

    He was also part of a Prussian expedition in Afrika in 1912 and sees German colonial service during the First World War.


    So I'm trying to prove that this medalgroup is actually his.

    Or that it is not him, and that I have to look elsewhere and dig deeper.


    Thank you again for your help.


    Have a good WE,



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    Posted (edited)

    Hello Jan!

    I checked the ranklist again. The only one I found was an Oberleutnant Michaelis in Kamerun.

    Could you please show us the paper with the name?

    Edited by The Prussian
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