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    Hello to all of you,
    I am looking for information on an officer commanding the infantry-regiment nr. 138 (3rd of Lower Alsace). It is about Oberst Friedrich Von Friedeburg. He seems to have been with the regiment from 27/01/1913 to 01/06/1915.  The regiment's Wikipedia page shows the following photo of this man but the text seems to have no connection with him.... is this the same man who commanded the 6th Infantry Brigade at the beginning of the conflict?


    Wikipedia link: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_von_Friedeburg_(General,_1866)



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    The general is Friedrich (Fritz) Emil Ludwig Leopold Ferdinand von Friedeburg.


    The commander of IR 138 was his first cousin Friedrich Ferdinand Konstantin von Friedeburg, *15.5.1858 in Konstanz, †28.12.1923 in Biebrich am Rhein. This Friedrich was the brother of Generalmajor Ludwig von Friedeburg and the uncle of Generaladmiral Hans Georg von Friedeburg.



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