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    Austria Kriegs Ehrenkreuz (War Honor Cross) with German Legion of Honor Medal

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    Hi All,


    I thought I would post two recent acquisitions as they are very unique. 


    The first is the German Legion on Honor and War Honor Cross bar.   I thought this a very interesting combination as this soldier obviously being Austrian, fought alongside his German allies thus qualifying him for both medals, however, the German Legion of Honor is placed first in precedence.  Aside from this, I find this particular combination very striking to view.










    The second is the Austria War Honor Cross with original certificate of issue.  This was purchased by myself directly from the website indicated in another recent post about the War Honor Cross.  Of interest to note is the swords illustrated on the Certificate.  The medal which came with this certificate appears to have its original ribbon however the swords attached are the standard war swords as issued with any Austrian medal entitled to have swords attached.  Looking at the medal bar above, the swords attached to the Honor Cross are the correct swords that correspond to those illustrated in the certificate.  As I can only find very limited information regarding this particular award online, I am reaching out to the community for assistance.  Was this medal issued with both types of swords, or could these be replacement swords attached?  Any information regarding this medal would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for looking.  Marcus









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    10 minutes ago, dedehansen said:



    I think he was german.




    Kind regards




    Hello Andreas,


    I am confused as to your reply.  The certificate indicates the recipient being Gottlieb Hasemann employed by the Reichsbahn as a Hilfs-rottenfuhrer.  The certificate is dated 3 Apr 1934 at the time of approval to receive this award.  The Ehrenkreuz was awarded for service to the fatherland in the Austo-Hungarian army 1914-1918.  Note that this award was issued with swords presumably indicating frontline service.  This information would thus make him presumably Austrian by birth.  If I am incorrect in these assumptions, I do apologize.





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    This cross was an unofficial award, bestowed by a private person and not recognized by the Austrian government. It was not allowed to wear it on army, police or whatever uniforms.

    A kind of decoration for people who were not qualified for any other official decoration. They had to pay for it. Just rubbish.





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