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    China medal and 1871 war commemorative medal ribbons

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    I bought these ribbons for my china medal and 1871 war commemorative medal as kind of a curiosity because they were being advertised as original. I got them off the german website ca collecting out of hamburg in germany. The ribbons I have on my medals currently are later replacements so I took a gamble and bought these. I know the original ribbons for china medals are supposed to be 35mm wide but I couldn’t find anything on the width of the original ribbons on the 1871 war commemorative medal. I know the later hindenburg cross used the same ribbon so I am wondering if the ribbon I have is from that production of the 1930’s and 40’s instead of earlier late 1800’s ribbon. I checked the ca collecting ones and they are uv negative. I also know pieces of unused ribbon that are that old would be extremely rare, I don’t think it is absolutely impossible to find but I am skeptical. I’d like to know what others on this forum think. Did I get lucky and find genuine ribbon or will my search continue? 





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    14 minutes ago, VtwinVince said:

    Did you try the UV test? You can also try the match test to see if they are natural or synthetic. Where in Canada are you located?

    They are both uv negative and they burned like natural material like silk would. I am in Alberta

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