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  1. That is possible, as the two loose medals were on the bar, and clearly didn't belong.
  2. An unusual bar to a Bavarian with Red Cross and fire department long service. The Bavarian fire brigade cross is marked '1000' and the two loose medals were on the bar but didn't belong with the ribbons. Also, note that the Red Cross Decoration is enamelled on both sides and the eagle on the obverse is enamelled into the cross surface.
  3. Only in England do such inbred types get all their expenses paid on the public dime.
  4. That's a very cool bar. I don't think 11 is the English Jubilee, otherwise he would have gotten the Centennar Medal.
  5. My books are in storage right now, but I'm sure I read about a St. Heinrich Sonderstufe somewhere.
  6. The Saxon kings wore a 'Sonderstufe' of the order, or special class. I think Goering got his SEHO by strong-arming the old Duke in the 1930's.
  7. I have a book entitled 'Bismarck Denkmal fuer das deutsche Volk' which has many shots of his awards. Unfortunately it is packed away in storage. I'd like to know how he got the Rettungsmedaille.
  8. Jesus, that is crazy money for a Feldschnalle. I thought I was nuts paying 200.00 USD for a Trapetz with devices for the Crown and Schleife to the RAO.
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