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  1. I don't think award rolls exist for that one. Interesting that there is no 'vor dem Feinde' mini on the Feldschnalle.
  2. Very nice group, and of course unusual to see the Oldenburg vet's cross and the Marianer Cross on a mounted group. Do you know the name of the owner?
  3. All very interesting. Of course we know of the close connections between the Chinese and German armies, and the same with Afghanistan. I guess you could call these cases of 'reverse cultural appropriation' with Asians trying to look like White people LOL.
  4. I would like to have this Schnalle in hand, but barring that, I don't see it as something put together. I have owned bars with missing bits, such as the Schleife, and this does not bother me.
  5. Sascha is correct, this is a pretty scarce 'small crown' version of the order in what looks to be pristine condition.
  6. I hope they have increased security after what happened at the 'Gruenes Gewoelbe' in Dresden.
  7. Sorry, I can't help with info on Waldeck, it seems to occupy a high place in the understudied principalities department, but that's a great set of minis.
  8. I think in the case of Wolff his age played the major factor in his being denied anything, and a testament to his willpower was his military CV. And Imperial Germany was certainly not the only country which had widespread anti-Jewish feelings, you need go no further than France or England to find such sentiments.
  9. Doubtful that he was denied officer status due to his religion, many officers in my grandfather's regiment were Jews.
  10. I agree, and keep in mind that the various grades of this order, to include the merit crosses, have been extremely heavily and successfully faked in recent years.
  11. Interesting image, who was your Ur-Grossvater? BTW it should be Ost-Afrika, or simply Deutsch-Ost.
  12. Outstanding, always nice to see documents signed by Mackensen.
  13. Or how about awards to aviators of the Member's Cross of the HOH, or the KO4mS? Now you're talking rare.
  14. Details of this guy's service are quite astonishing, especially the age at which he became an aviator.
  15. I think you're on the right track, I'd go with a KO4 and a peacetime FO2 along with the Red Cross thing.
  16. What he said, although genuine gold pieces are not usually marked for content. I have a piece in 750 gold which has no marks.
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