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  1. Nice bar . These semi-official awards were given out by many states, and you sometimes find them on military bars. This one used to be in my collection.
  2. Nope, these guys would have been stationed at the German mandate, and would have been involved in assisting Russian wounded. If anyone has a Rangliste for the Reichsmarine, maybe they could look up Drs. Doerr and Freyer, both Oberassistenzaertze who received the St. Stanislaus at Kiautschou and who might be the guy.
  3. Probably a naval medical officer, possibly stationed at Kiautschou during the 1905 war.
  4. Me neither. Don, maybe you could post those images from the latest Schott fakes on fleabay.
  5. Hi Igor, Yes, Stanislaus 3rd Class without swords. Apparently this guy could have been a Beamter based at Kiautschou who was involved in helping Russian wounded.
  6. I posted this one in Imperial as well. I thought this guy must be a Navy medical officer who was involved in the Russo-Japanese War, hence the Red Cross Medal for 1905. If anyone of you Russia experts can help ID this guy, it would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks Scott. I actually can't find any German recipient of the Russian Red Cross Medal for 1904-05 in the award rolls. I suspect this guy was a medical officer attached to the Russian fleet.
  8. I thought this would be relatively easy to ID, with the Red Cross Medal for the Russo-Japanese War on it. No such luck, I've scoured the rolls and can't find a match. If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.
  9. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Medal bar consisting of Crown Order 4th Class by Friedlaender, War Aid Cross, NCO's Long Service Cross and Centenary Medal. Some wear to ribbons, but overall good condition, no damage to enamels. PS Sorry, I don't know how the images got rotated.


  10. Two seater crews would have both automatically qualified for the Ehrenbecher.
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