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  1. Hi Claudio, You're right, the best piece is the Schaper observer, can you get a close up of the name scratched on the reverse? Beautiful and scarce badge. It looks like the Bavarian observer is by the 'square punch maker', but you're right, the pin hardware is not typical for this type of badge. The massive observer stands a chance, but not an award example for sure. I like the naval pilot with the star mark on the pin, this type has been ascribed to Godet, and is relatively rare. The last naval pilot you posted could be a heavily worn original, as I've seen similar ones in higher grades of silver. If the price is right, I would go after the Schaper and the unusual Godet. BTW the Godet observer at the beginning is a fake.
  2. I have a group of items to a Hauptmann Jordan, a recipient of the HOH and the Schwarzburg Ehrenkreuz 3rd class with swords. I believe this officer was Landwehr, and he also received the Austrian War Cross 3rd class. Any information on him would be most welcome.
  3. Thanks Claudio, I think this one is the only one of the three that I like. It would be nice to see a close-up of the hallmark.
  4. I don't like the first one, reverse hardware is not typical, and the finishing seems off. Also, where is the die flaw for the second 't' in Schott? I like the second one, looks like an interwar piece from Steinhauer.
  5. Hi Claudio, I think the first two are fakes, as I have never seen a cut-out version of the pilot badge come out of an estate, and the design of the Taube looks to me like Wilm, not Juncker. The first Bavarian observer I don't like, I think the engraving looks weird, and it should have a Strahlenplatte, not a smooth one. Also, the hooks for the attachment of the enamel device don't look right, and neither does the hollow area for the pin attachment. The second observer has a good chance, I like the style of engraving, the reverse looks good as well as the hardware. Do you have a close-up of the engraving?
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