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  1. Thanks to Komtur and Andreas for chiming in on this analysis. Of course if you look at the award lists you'll realise that this is a spurious combination. I wonder if any parts of this cross are indeed genuine.
  2. Is this the one that was on German fleabay? I had a close look at it, it is very well executed, but something made me think it's not quite right.
  3. I agree, very unusual to see a BV Spangenstueck of this order. Obviously this guy felt he deserved a third class.
  4. I agree, the bar with the Prussian MVK looks pretty weird. Are there any markings on that cross? It does not look like an award piece at first glance. Here is my Godet bar (again) with multiple states, and a couple of others.
  5. LOL I think Claudio has the market cornered on incredible Godet Schnallen.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I was also somewhat confused by the lack of a Bavarian WW1 decoration, so maybe this guy was demobbed prior to the war, then remobilised in a non-Bavarian unit?
  7. Cross-posting this one with a German forum. A nice and somewhat unusual combo for an NCO from Bavaria.
  8. The EK ribbon looks odd, and the usual uniformity of the wrapping of the ribbons is lacking.
  9. Aha, that could explain the rough finish of this cross, although details such as the 'm' in 'im' are pretty terrible. The suspension ring also looks like a replacement.
  10. I make no claims to being an authority on Mecklenburg, just wanted to show an un-messed with example.
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