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  1. Wrong ribbon for Hohenzollern, but could be a 'Bastelarbeit' from the maker, but this doesn't explain the Austrian ribbon.
  2. Quality seems quite good for a theatrical piece, perhaps a funeral pillow item? I have a Black Eagle star from Meybauer that looks a lot like a von Malplaquet Freikorps star which I believe to be from the 1920's. Quality is decidedly poorer than these RAO's.
  3. I would leave it. I have a KO2mS which looks like it got run over by a tank, with bent arms etc. I like pieces with that sort of 'patina'.
  4. OK, that makes sense. I was wondering whether the cross arms are hollow or solid.
  5. Fantastic pieces, thanks for the images. My grandfather's favourite march was the Radetzky.
  6. I agree with the above, and as I stated on the 'other forum', I like this piece due to the eagle painting and the reverse chasing, as well as the typical Wagner mark. Very cool piece.
  7. Can someone tell me if Rittmeister Georg von Boch was a recipient of the Jerusalem Kreuz? I have a medal bar from him with the Oelberg Kreuz.
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