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  1. Nice cross indeed, certainly bears a strong resemblance to Meybauer pieces.
  2. Yes, nice early Urkunde. I find these FA documents interesting. I have a grouping with the Bewaehrungsabzeichen which I will have to find.
  3. As I stated on the 'other forum', I think this Schnalle is an older Bastelarbeit for display purposes. Certainly interesting.
  4. Could you show the reverses of these Schnallen? I also have never seen that type of device as seen on the second bar.
  5. I find it quite remarkable when a new 'expert' shows up out of left field with claims to ultimate knowledge on this subject, one which is fraught with so much misinformation. And using Weitze as a source is pretty ridiculous, as this dealer has been exposed as a frequent purveyor of fake and fantasy pieces.
  6. That's a really great Kettchen, and I would think has a good chance of being ID'd.
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