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  1. Cowboy, it looks like you have serious competition in the Braunschweig area. I have a couple of these medals, unfortunately missing the suspension clip.
  2. Details don't look good, do they? And unfortunately Barry has sold numerous Imperial fakes over the years.
  3. My rolls show 16 awards of the KO3mJK, 5 for Denmark and 11 for the Austrian campaign, so exceedingly rare.
  4. Firstly, that is a fantastic painting. Secondly, his KO3 is with the Johanniter Kreuz device, which makes it extremely rare. I think you're correct about the KDM's, which appear to be on non-combat ribbons. The last medal is too indistinct to my tired eyes. But what a fantastic and unique medal bar!
  5. Up until now we had to deal with the usual Kube\Blass\Graf Klenau pieces, but now we have a whole new generation of fakes hitting the airwaves.
  6. Thanks Glenn, this is really useful info. While we're on the subject of this family, can anyone shed any light on the honours of my 4xGreat Grandfather, Gottlob Johann Christian Kunth, 1757 Baruth-1829 Berlin, who was the uncle of the above Carl? I know he held the title of preuss. Oberregierungs-und-Staatsrath.
  7. This is going back awhile, but my ancestor Carl Sigismund Kunth (1788 Leipzig-1850 Berlin) is shown on an indistinct engraving wearing several orders. Does anyone have a Staats-Handbuch or similar with any info on these orders?
  8. This guy certainly keeps busy. I would like to know where these fakes are being produced.
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