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  1. I had noticed that, an unusual feature. Apparently Jordan did not continue with the military. Here's a couple more photos. The HOH is marked for Sy & Wagner.
  2. OK, I'll get some more photos. The fob is Ukrainian, so must have been a souvenir. The small sword was a student's presentation piece and is engraved to Jordan. Chris, along with the sword the combination of awards is unique.
  3. I've been reorganising after moving earlier this year, and thought this group might be of interest. It belonged to Major Jordan of the Landwehr-Fussartillerie and came out of the woodwork years ago from the USA. Since Jordan died in 1945 in Thuringia, I believe these items were souvenired by US forces prior to the area being taken over by the Soviets.
  4. LOL, I tried to assemble a complete collection of EK1 equivalents and just about went broke when I got to the Wilhelm Ernst War Cross, then I gave up.
  5. Very nice to see such a nice example, and not the usual junk. Congrats.
  6. Meh, I've seen better collections.....just kidding. I never get tired of seeing your stuff Ferg.
  7. Cool item, it seems the Bavarians were particularly fond of these non-official items.
  8. 'Hero', one of the most corrupted terms in the modern vocabulary, right up there with 'freedom'.
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