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    1. Yup, completely insane price when you take in to account the damage to the White Falcon and the fact that the bar needs restoration and will therefore be messed with.
    2. I agree, a pretty sub-standard piece, you'll have to send it over here for disposal....
    3. Who knew that GC's were given out like EK2's! And those fake Schaper badges are truly God-awful and bear no resemblance to genuine examples.
    4. Good Lord, these aren't even remotely convincing fakes, the Luise included.
    5. I'm not sure what was going on with that Saxon bar Rick, nothing particularly scarce and a ridiculous price.
    6. Pretty interesting bar, just too bad about the condition of the White Falcon.
    7. Hmm, I don't know about 'junk', but is that a Saxon star lower left? And Wild Card, who is the maker of your fantastic SAO?
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