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  1. Right Sascha, that guy is a terrible purveyor of crap. I see the same stuff being offered every week, and apparently there are buyers for this Schrott.
  2. You're right, it is weird. But the bar is definitely not messed with, at least until I got it. I'm still leaning towards a royal HOH, peacetime award that is not in the correct precedence.
  3. Thanks Sascha. This one has been bugging me for some time. If it's a HEKmK in that position, I thought that wouldn't be right either, since this is clearly a Prussian bar and a Hohenzollern would classify as a 'foreign' decoration, or?
  4. No problem with it being awarded to field grade officers, sometimes with the Oakleaves.
  5. Very cool. I had an EK1 that had been awarded by Wilhelm to a Bavarian pilot in 1916 and was engraved as such on the reverse. Pity I don't have it.
  6. Very unusual and interesting. My uncle was Staffelfuehrer of the Polizei-Flieger-Staffel Karlshorst at the time of the Kapp Putsch.
  7. Looks like goofy reihenfolge on this one, with EK2 in second position.
  8. It's true, there is no distinction between the Grosskreuz and the Komturkreuz in size, unlike the KO1 and KO2.
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