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    Need expert opinions please! R.S marked...

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    Hi Tom,

    the CCC is a really bad fake...i can tellyou...

    If you really want...i can do some pics...but i can tell you now...its soo bad its not worth showing...

    Whats your opinion on the other badges shown????



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    • 2 weeks later...

    Well, the IAB's are all good. Don't wory too much about the broken catch on the JFS.......that is very common with the semihollows. The unmarked is an L/56 in case you were wondering. And the MK6 is no easy one to find. So in terms of IAB's you did really well for yourself.

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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry I didn't see you post in this thread sooner, I rarely check this site.

    Anyway, yes, I agree, the RS CCC is very much a reproduction, but I would still like to see a closeup of the obverse if you don't mind. I am trying to put a timeline together on the fake RS CCC that will help us in determining which RS CCCs are the actual wartime originals.


    Tom D.

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    Thanks Greg!

    Nice to know i was not wrong with those ones!

    An L/56 eh! cool!. :) Have the L/56 and the J.F.S on the for sale stand...if ya want them at all...am keeping the M.K.6 for now...whats it worth??

    Tom, its not a R.S CCC...its a baaad fake! but will post a pic soon as gotta rush off now...

    What do the Gents think of the HSF? and the R.S GAB??

    Regards From New Zealand.


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