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    Need expert opinions please! R.S marked...

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    Hello Gents,

    These are on offer to me...

    Some pics of the backs, some are missing catches and the HSF is missing the pin too.

    Need to know if the JFS IAB is ok...and has anyone got examples to compare it against? thanks

    Also the R.S marked GAB...the other one is a Frank&Reif

    Also want opinions as to what possible maker the unmarked IAB is and the Blockade badge too...

    And IF they are Originals and not fakes!

    There is a Luft RO too...that needs to be checked too....

    Sorry but these are the best pics i've got at the moment...

    the seller inherited this collection from his uncle...and has no idea about this sort of stuff...

    Comments encouraged!

    Thanking you in advance

    Kind regards


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    and the front of the Luft RO

    And has anyone ever seen a CCC without the square recess at the back???

    this one i am sure is a Fake

    Please Gents...i need to know what these badges are worth Thanks!

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    Will no one comment???? All these people look and no-one can help...i find that hard to believe...

    Please i need someone who is more knowledgeable than I to make educated assumptions on these...



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    Thanks Don!

    Yeah! was sure on the CCC, :P also the Luft RO ( bad rivets etc..)and the Blockade runner..( the Blockade has a wide pin and are usually maker marked)

    The Frank & Reif GAB hollow..(well sort of hollow).. i have done some research...and cannot find any that fit this description...

    So we can discount these...as fakes.. :o

    The J.F.S IAB, well i did find these with a massive search..so this is OK....( not many hollow ones around)

    The R.S GAB, is ok too after a big search.... with the differently placed pin...

    The R.S HSF is ok too...damn shame its missing pin and catch...

    There is a M.K.6A IAB which is ok too...for now... cannot see the MM clearly but is there...

    The Heer Flak is ok too...pity about the missing pin and catch tho...

    and the remaining unmarked IAB...well not to sure here...need it in hand...( weird how the catch is facing the other way...)

    So if we can assume these others are OK, what is a reasonable price for each? bearing in mind that some are missing catches etc...

    Many Thanks! :beer:


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    Better pics are here!

    I received this lot this morning...

    First up is the M.K.6 IAB...it looks very good to me...its lost alot of the silver wash...but the detail is very good.

    the other 2 will follow...the J.F.S ( Hollow) and the Unmarked one

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    Here is the reverse...

    the pin attachment at the top seems to be too big for the wee recess that is part of the badges casting...

    anyone seen this before??

    My opinion of this one tells me its a Fake...

    BUT i am NOT sure!

    Help please!

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    But...the back looks Horrible!

    the pin attachment is way too big for the recess...AND the catch is a butchered version of Ol Souvals Postwar repos!

    Blimmin horrible!

    what do you guys think??

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    The reverse...

    Pity the catch and pin is missing...be a nice complete badge then...

    Won't bother showing pics of the Fake Luft RO and the Fake Blockade runner badges

    will post them in the fakes section....

    Edited by notned
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