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    Help on Japan - German WW2 badge for U-511 crew


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    Posted (edited)


    Assisting a friend, I am looking for help on this badge, which should be quite interesting according to the story.

    Has someone seen this badge or mentions or photos of it? Also if possible to get help on the Japanese translation.


    The story goes, that this badge was issued to the crew (and only to them) of the U-511 submarine, which was the first to reach Kure, Japan on 07.08.1943 after a 90 days voyage from Germany. There is a good deal of material online on this whole German program "Marco Polo" and particularly on the U-511 and the faith of the crew.

    But I have not seen yet particular mentions of this badge issue, neither photographs of it... Maybe our Japanese speaking members could help with some Japanese sources. Would be great!


    Another related question and avenue of investigation is war diary of Heinz Rehse 1918 who was master mechanic on U-511 and was with it all the way, until the day U-511 was gifted to Japan and became RO-500. Late war and post war fate: Heinz Rehse survived and ended as an USA citizen in 1950s. He died in 20.11.2015 at the age of 97.

    Several articles about U-511 refer and quote the diary. Does anyone knows how to get access it?






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    Posted (edited)

    Dear Gentlemen,






    Nazi items are not something I am comfortable with, so I will let someone else translate.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    Thank you! It helps already. 
    The date inscribed on the badge is 16 September.
    That is the date when U-511 was officially transferred to Japanese command under the name RO-500. 
    It gives the idea that the badge was also possibly handed out to the crew on that day. 

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    Posted (edited)

    Dear Egorka,


    This badge is to commemorate the voyage of the submarine.


    You'll have more information on the Japanese page of the U-511: U511 (潜水艦) - Wikipedia


    There is also this very recent book, February 21, 2023:



    (The Fate of the Submarine U-511 - Secret Record of the Japanese, German and Italian Joint Operation)





    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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