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    Help with bayonet identification please

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    I was gifted a lovely bayonet for a (cough) milestone birthday this year. Had a lot of rust and initially I didn’t think there were any marks at all but after a small effort at rust removal (and reading on this site I realize I may have erred a bit in that regard - yikes) I can see the same mark in three locations. The only information I can find seems to indicate a royal navy stamp perhaps, but I’d expect other marks if that were true so I’m pretty doubtful. I’m posting in this section as a best guess.

    I’d be grateful for any suggestions or thoughts. 

    Total length: 16 5/8 inches

    Blade length: 11 3/4 inches


    Thanks so much. 



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    Hi CiamS

    i don’t think it’s British, it would have a lot more stamps for starters…


    I’m in no way familiar with the huge variety of Bayonets however it does look like a Brazilian M1908, it could look like many others too of course 🤷‍♂️

    Your best bet is to post it in the ‘swords & edged weapons’ section 👇1851E077-23FB-43B5-88BF-519D633829BC.thumb.png.3d170b10ff9c3ac6a594778687668be1.png

    it may take a little while to get a reply, I don’t know how ‘busy’ it is down there but that’s the place for it.


    In the meantime have a look at pictures of a Brazil M1908 and see if you think it matches 👍



    tony 🍻


    ps I always clean my stuff up 😊




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    5 hours ago, Flávio P.Z.Peixoto said:

    As previously stated, it is a Brazilian M1908/34 bayonet, this "Z" mark means it was produced in Czechoslovakia

    Nice one Flávio 🍻

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