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    I have tried to do my home work, but still have a novice question.

    Would the combination of a 1914 EKII, a silver Saxon FAM and an Austro-Hungarian military merit cross 3rd. class be feasible on a miniature chain?

    I have enjoyed and learned much from the images and comments presented on this forum.

    Thank you all!


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    Guest Rick Research

    Yes, for a Leutnant, though it is a bit unusual. I'd have expected a SAXON national to mount the EK in second place after the FAM. If this was a Prussian in a regiment whose honorary chief was the King of Saxony, that would make the combination more logical, but still unusual to have received an award as a mere cadet and not more typically as a full-fledged officer.

    Do the three miniatures match in terms of size and styles of suspension? It should be expected that if they came out of a single military effects supplier's stock, they'd all match up as to sizes of suspension rings and how those rings were made (2 rings, 3 rings etc etc). The Austrian piece might not match for style, being enamel, but there should be the same suspensions on the EK and the FAM.

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    Greetings, and thank you for your in depth reply. I have not seen the original, if it is indeed original, a friend informed me of this configuration.

    My circumstance is this, I have accumulated a number of incomplete chains and loose awards. I do not have the funds for complete sets.

    I decided to mount the chains in a display and to avoid the stigma of

    duplicity, I will pin the miniature medals in place below the chain thus avoiding wrestling with my conscience, and leaving behind a false legacy when I pass on.

    I am aiming at common resonable configurations so assume it would be more resonable to place the order as, silver Saxon FAM, 1914 EKII and the enameled Austrian merit cross.

    Hope this is not a waste of your time and knowledge.

    Regards, --dj--Joe

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