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    The Deutsche Bank WW2

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    The Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest financial institution, played an important role in the expropriation of Jewish-owned enterprises during the Nazi dictatorship, both in the existing territories of Germany, and in the area seized by the German army during World War II. In this book Harold James uses new and previously unavailable materials, many from the bank’s own archives, to examine policies which led to the eventual genocide of European Jews. How far did the realization of the vicious and destructive Nazi ideology depend on the acquiescence, the complicity, and the cupidity of existing economic institutions, and individuals? In response to the traditional view that business co-operation with the Nazi regime was motivated by profit, this book closely examines the behaviour of the bank and its individuals to suggest other motivations. No comparable study exists of a single company’s involvement in the economic persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

    • Uses new material to describe the role of Germany’s largest bank in the Nazi dictatorship and the Holocaust

    • Looks at the role of individuals in the bank, and questions the bank’s responsibilities

    • Investigates the controversial question of the profits involved in looting Jewish property in Germany and Central Europe

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    "THE DEUTSCHE BANK AND ITS TRANSACTIONS DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR" which was prepared by Jonathan Steinberg. This book has a copyright date of 1999 and was published by Verlag C H Beck. From the rear cover "Gold--the Nazis robbed from central banks in occupied countries and from the victims of concentration camps--played a crucial role in financing the import of strategic materials for the Nazi war effort. Most of the Reichsbank gold sales went to foreign central banks, but some gold sales were made to German commercial banks including the Deutsche Bank. This is a report on the gold transactions of the Deutsche Bank. It tells where the gold came from and where it went.

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