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    Dear Gentlemen,

    Two years ago a memorial stone was erected in Anzegem, Belgium for a crashed RAF aircraft.

    Lancaster III JB 455 ( base Oakington, 7 squadron, Pathfinder force) crashed on 16/6/1944. It was the 33th kill of Hauptmann Georg Hermann Greiner and his Me-110.

    I was a member of the team who erected the memorial stone, and you can not imagine how hard we tried to find relatives.... thank God, with succes. We even found the relatives of the NewZeeland tailgunner.

    Now, with their help we are going to reconstruct the whole story. The only thing we dont't have is a photograph of the aircraft itself! Very soon after the crash German Luftwaffe soldiers dismantled the aircraft. The crew is buried in our village. Only the pilot survived.

    I'm quite sure someone of the Luftwaffe soldiers has photographed the crashed Lanc.

    My question: Is there anyone of our German friends who has any knowledge of such photographs? It must be kept in one or another private photocollection. I know, it's looking for a needle in a haystack... but still, I'm trying, and keep my fingers crossed.

    Thank you so much for any help.


    PS. I was trying to put a photograph of the memorial plague in this message, but my scanner refuses to help.

    Sorry Chris, it's a H&P, don't have an Epson. Try again, later

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    Hello again gents,

    Perseverance kills the game.

    This was the memorial plaque which was erected two years ago.

    Translated: on 16th of June Lancaster JB 455 crashed near this farm.

    Six airmen lost their lives


    Only the pilot F/Lt Thomson survived and got back to his unit with the help of the farmers family Debosschere and the resistance.

    regards, Jef


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