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    Some of you know I collect postcards of Imperial German royalty. I was looking at some of my cards today and I noticed that I have two where the dress uniform they are wearing in obviously not dunkleblau, it's something much lighter. Is this some type of feldgrau parade dress uniform or what?

    Here are the two photos:

    IPB ImageIPB Image

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    Some German states used a lighter color blue for their uniforms than Prussia. Also royalty would have been given a little more leeway and many may have had more distinctive uniforms made in an even lighter shade. Since I see no swords on any of the medals or Iron Crosses, I would assume these are prewar blue and not 1915 friedenrocks. As to the number of loops, most likely these men are not wearing everything to which they are entitled.

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    It seems the Prinz has enough medal loops to last him awhile!

    Yeah. He's kind of a sad character though, on 21 April 1918 the reigning Herzog von Anhalt dies and Prinz Eduard becomes Eduard Herzog von Anhalt. Then he goes and dies on 13 September 1918! Pretty short reign (although not as short as his successor who only reigned from September to November 1918!!!)

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