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    Miniature chain

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    I have seen this before , all i can think is that either the vet had the Panzer and added it or the jeweller that made it up had a look through his stock and could only find a leftover WW2 piece and took the swastika off .

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    Guest Rick Research

    As seems to be the case with almost every chain, this cannot have been worn by any real person:

    There is a 1914 EK2 with 1939 Spange-- and yet no Hindenburg Cross X...

    or Wehrmacht long service awards ...

    but was the recipient of the "Sitzfleischorden" KVKs 1X and 2X...

    AND a Panzer Assault Badge (!) AND 1939 EK1 and...

    a KNIGHT'S CROSS!!!!

    The combination makes no sense. Someone, as happens all the time, has simply attached random awards onto a chain.

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    Sorry for late response, but thanks for your opinion's! The first thing I didn't like about it was the lack of the Hindenburg Cross the rest was of course obvious when you pointed it out. Thanks again!

    I think the most deasent thing to do here is to dismantle it, keep the one I lack in my collection (2. class with "spange" )and sell the rest as loose items.

    Here is two new ones which I think is the real thing.



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