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    I have been collecting handcuffs and police equipment for over 30+ years I have almost 700 pairs of handcuffs from all over the world.I also collect canadian police badges,patches,uniforms etc..

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  1. Heres some stuff http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-13839-0-72519000-1399501203.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-13839-0-68809200-1399501785.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-13839-0-88000600-1399501925.jpg ** Please contact Cuffs by IM.
  2. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-13839-0-59313600-1399499454.jpgI have a lot of RCMP uniforms badges patches ..etc for sale let me know what your looking for and I might have it
  3. Thanks Brian for the welcome.I started a page of all my handcuffs but then got lazy and stopped there is to many.Heres the link let me know what you think so far http://s1181.photobucket.com/albums/x430/CanadianCuffs/
  4. I have hundreds of handcuffs in my collection..last count was around 684 pairs I have 30+ years of collecting and i have the largest collection in canada.If anyone has any for sale let me know.I trade buy and sell