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    York, England
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    Thirty plus years in the hobby. Collect just about everything but primarily all things political. Also much interested in Civil awards and all postal history - but particularly the Rallies (Nuremburg) and the 1923 Putsch. Also into picture postcards of Berlin, Munich and Berchtesgaden.
  1. Thank you Don for sharing some seldom seen (an wonderful) material with us all.
  2. I do not believe that this medal is "official issue" - - it may even be a post war fantasy item.
  3. Thanks Stan for sharing such wonderful material - - - I am not quite so fortunate - - - I have several badges, NSDAP membership books and certificates - - - - but sadly no matching sets !
  4. looks like a political eagle for the lapel or tie maybe - - - they are usaully made from a silver metal tho
  5. Rudolf Souval did indeed manufacture awards/decorations during the Third Reich era - - - and they continued to do so for a number of years after the war had ended. The catch on these particular pieces is the clue as to when they were made. Personally I woould not be happy with any Souval piece in my collection - - - my only examples are the post war copies in my "Black Museum". Nevertheless these are now collectors items in their own right - - - and they sell for a good price because of their quality manufacture - - - but remember they are copies !! I have been collecting for about 40 years now and have a great many stories - - - and I too have made some dreadful blunders - - - - but I still love this hobby.
  6. It is very definately a copy - - - I believe that they date from the mid/late 1950's early 1960's period. They do however make for a good "spacefiller" because they are a quality striking. The very first Blood Order I purchased many years ago was alas a Souval copy - - - a lovely piece and I still have it in my "Black Museum" I have learned a lot since those early days ! I have never been able to find/afford a second pattern B O.
  7. Eric This is most likely an award piece - - - altho I do have a silver example which is clearly marked .800 in my collection and several larger versions made from what I would call "pot metal" The day badge is also a well made piece of the same design but is dated 19 35 Considerable debate surrounds this badge - - but in my opinion this a the honour or tradtions badge. Hope this is helpful. Also trawl thru WARLORD "My Collection" topic (I think) he has much of great interest to say about these badges and provides various pictures and evidence.
  8. I would say that your badge is the "tradition" or honour award piece. It is quite rare.
  9. GREEN with envy Stan !! Nevertheless, thanks for sharing.
  10. As you say not in the best condition - - - it is a Jung Madschen sports badge - - -and yes they are quite scarce but not impossible to find.
  11. I also think that they are much under-rated - - - however please keep in mind that the Prussian and Weimar period issues are a little more common on the collectors market and cost quite a bit less - - - its amazing what the addition of the swastika to an award can do to the price !!!
  12. Rest easy Alex - - - I remain a "peace and love hippy" to this day - - - this is just my hobby for some fourty years now !
  13. That is a particularly nice example - - thank you for sharing. A scarce piece in my opinion. It took me nearly twentyfive years before I found an example that I could afford to buy - - - it was in an general antique dealers cabinet here in York for a very modest ?18 - - - I was "over the moon" - - - since it was considerabley less than a specialist TR dealer would have charged me for such a piece.
  14. There are a couple of things about the SA Brunswick but on balance, based on the photo - - - i think it is ok. But please be aware that this particular badge has been well copied.
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