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  1. Hello Peter, Thanks for your welcome and reply. I could not find anything on the subject when searching. Best regards, Cliff Lord
  2. I am doing a little research in to the British regiments, battalions, squadrons and companies that served in Sharjah in Trucial Oman, which is today known as the United Arab Emirates. This would fit into the time period 1951 to 1971 but most likely after 1961. Generally speaking British infantry and cavalry were based in Bahrain and a company or squadron was hived off to serve in Sharjah if required. Any help would be appreciated if you know of any unit that served in Sharjah even if on exercise. That includes REME, RE, RCT and so on. Thanks Quicksilver
  3. Does anyone have a brief history of the Dubai Defence Force and details of their uniform? Also did the DDF wear collar badges? Quicksilver
  4. Can any one please show here an image of the following Iraqi metal badges: Ghazi Bde Hashimi Cavalry Regt King Faisal Armoured Car Squadron Were there different cap badges for the regiments in the Royal Guards Brigade? Rgds Quicksilver
  5. I am new to the forum and keen to learn the names of the Army Brigades in the Royal Iraqi Army and to find out what metal badges they wore. There seem to have been many different guards brigades and every dealer in militaria has a different name for them! BRgds Quicksilver