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  1. Thank you, that's very helpful.
  2. Thanks Hendrik, that was my thinking as well,but I couldn't seem to get that term to shake any information loose on the Internet. I tried again after receiving your post with much better results, so thank you again.
  3. Hi can any one assist in identifying this badge, manufactured in Cairo during WWII, of the Free French Forces. My best guess is that LAM equates to the French equivalent of "Military Airline", but I find no reference to "LAM" on French lists of military abbreviations. Thanks in advance.
  4. If you'd like to supply me with an email, I can send you a set of hi-res photos of a Siamese Victory Medal sold by Morton & Eden out of the American Numesmatic Society's collection. regards, gfh
  5. Can someone help with a reference on US WWI Army victory medal clasps? I have the Laslo book which has good detail on the navy clasp varients, but has less information on the army versions. Thank you.