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  1. gfh

    Hi,  Given your interest and expertise on the WWI Victory medals, it occurred to me that you might know whether there is a good illustrated comparison between the different types of ribbons used by the allied nations for their issued medals.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Regards, garven


    1. RobW


      Hello Garven,

      No; there is no direct illustrated comparison that is currently in print (yet) that shows the differences in ribbon tones/hues. Some of the vics from specific countries (France, US, Great Britain & Commonwealth, Italy, Japan, and Czechoslovakia) have distinctive ribbons so they are easy to identify. There is a pair of panoramic images showing various vics side-by-side that I posted to the 'WW1 Victory Medals General Discussion' sub-thread thread of the main vic thread that does show the variations in ribbons.

      There is also a sub-thread in the vic thread called 'Victory Medal Ribbons in General' which should provide additional examples.

      Hope this helps.


    2. gfh


      Thank you Rob, that'll get me started.

  2. Rusty, I'm embarrassed to say that I no longer remember Fahmy's brother's first name. I think I visited his business (the brother's) on only one occasion. At that time I obtained a number of copies for the artwork of Free French insignia that Maison Bichay made during the war. The only examples of manufactured badges were the ones I obtained from Fahmy and sold on eBay. The brother had a business that made, among other things, enameled signs of the type you see in Paris as street signs, house numbers, etc.. Fahmy I know spoke French though we used English when we spoke together. I don't remember whether I used English, or French when I spoke with the brother. I also had and sold a collection of the South African Squadron pins - unfortunately I did not retain photos of that material. Thanks for the compliment on the listings, I try to get it right to avoid disappointments on the part of the bidders/buyers.
  3. Hello Rusty, Only the para badge (the last two photos) was a post war reproduction made in 1977. The rest along withe the South African squadron pins were period production. I was the seller on eBay of all the items shown. I've attached the original artwork for one of the badges that I obtained from Fahmy Bichay's brother. Here's a photo showing the coins for scale.
  4. I take your point as it follows his name. Any thoughts on the letters receding the number?
  5. Hello, I wonder if someone might be able to help with the following on a Korea campaign medal to an individual in the Royal Navy. D/S KS.883799 L.F. PENMAN L.S..M. RN. I'm assuming the LSM is for Landing Ship Medium , but I'm in the dark about the letters preceding the service number/name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Guaranty mark for small articles: Crab (silver fineness of .800) silver hallmark France 1838-Present Guaranty mark for small articles: Crab (silver fineness of .800) silver hallmark
  7. Thanks Hendrik, that was my thinking as well,but I couldn't seem to get that term to shake any information loose on the Internet. I tried again after receiving your post with much better results, so thank you again.
  8. Hi can any one assist in identifying this badge, manufactured in Cairo during WWII, of the Free French Forces. My best guess is that LAM equates to the French equivalent of "Military Airline", but I find no reference to "LAM" on French lists of military abbreviations. Thanks in advance.
  9. If you'd like to supply me with an email, I can send you a set of hi-res photos of a Siamese Victory Medal sold by Morton & Eden out of the American Numesmatic Society's collection. regards, gfh
  10. Can someone help with a reference on US WWI Army victory medal clasps? I have the Laslo book which has good detail on the navy clasp varients, but has less information on the army versions. Thank you.
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