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  1. Thank you David! I have seen your work on this subject, ....very good job! Thanks again!
  2. The cross in leaves and the eagle on top is actually a fake, this type of cross have been seen with a variety of markings j.Wagner, JGuS, 14 loth, 800 half moon, the little suspension ring is on top of the rim, not deeped in like S&l and different from Souval. And it also comes in 1813, 1870,1914, and 1939 ....fakes.
  3. The frame is very beaten up, but the seams looks untouched with nice patina and without splits.
  4. Here is 1870 ek-2 that I have a chance to get, ...is this one of those late 1900's production ? .... replacements ? ...looks like the ring was marked KO ... and someone was trying to take the mm off ...??? there are file marks and mm is almost gone. What would be a fair price for one in this condition? Thanks Alik
  5. .....still available and at the gunshows you can find better deals than at militaria shows, ...Eric you got to check out that gunshow........ :cheers:
  6. Yes it looks a little of center, ...and mark on swas, just a glare, reflection from camera.
  7. ....and the maker mark, ....how do you like that?
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