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  1. Is he a small guy? Or were the neckbadges looking bigger back then?
  2. The photo does not strike me as a38 y.o. guy. I sure hope I will look better at that age
  3. 😍 are these in any way uncommon? Looks heavy to weer on an uniform
  4. Hi Would there be pictures of the General staff of Armee gruppe 5. Deutsche Kronprinz, like the ones I saw of Armee group 9?
  5. Just a quick question: in the last bar, whats in 2nd place and should it not be in another place?
  6. Does it contain a list of all men who were decorated with the order of the crown?
  7. I am amazed by the detailed documentation of the Schilbach story. Where did you find it?
  8. Hi Glenn, the last sentence of the article seems incomplete. Is there any more?. Also could you tell me the pagenumber in the book? For making a reference. Thanks alot
  9. Thanks for that! Georg Wilhelm was an older Brother of Georg Carl Wilhelm, who went on to be ennobled. Yeah not a lot of choices were names are involved I guess
  10. Oh I would like to think that He could have been an officer since the regiment was founded as hessen-kasselschen Artillerie brigade
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