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  1. I am amazed by the detailed documentation of the Schilbach story. Where did you find it?
  2. Hi Glenn, the last sentence of the article seems incomplete. Is there any more?. Also could you tell me the pagenumber in the book? For making a reference. Thanks alot
  3. Thanks for that! Georg Wilhelm was an older Brother of Georg Carl Wilhelm, who went on to be ennobled. Yeah not a lot of choices were names are involved I guess
  4. Oh I would like to think that He could have been an officer since the regiment was founded as hessen-kasselschen Artillerie brigade
  5. Thats good to hear Thats ok, maybe someone else does Yeah I am familiar with these 2, and I was surprised to see an artillery officer
  6. Hi On a list of names of officers of FAR 11 I found my last name (Müldner) I dus not know of this officer and I would love to find out more about him. Does anyone have the Regimentsgeschichte?
  7. Left is the marriage medal Right the enthronisationmedal of Queen Wilhelmina with her mother as Regent
  8. I saw this one before. Its not his. He did not get a chilean award as dat as I know. Also his known prewar medals are not in it. I totally agree with Glenn. The man we see en face in the photo is not him. Great photos Glenn! Could I use the bottom one to illustrate the Wikipedia article on Louis? Thanks Chris! The guy with the white moustache who is in some of these photos to the CP left might be a previous Adjutant. I do recognize Louis in another photo, his nose/moustache combination is hard to miss imho . The guy in the 3rd photo from the bottom is not the CP but the CP of Bulgaria, future Boris III. if I am not mistaking.
  9. Hi! I am looking for photos of CP Wilhelm of Germany and Prussia in WW1 doe the purpose of hoping to find images of his Adjutant, Louis v. Müldner. I recently published an article on the v. Müldner family on the german Wikipedia https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Müldner_von_Mülnheim_(Adelsgeschlecht) Thanks for your help in advance!
  10. Yeah thats v. Rundsted for you. I once read somewhere he also choose to wore his prussian uniform in stead of his 3rd reich one.
  11. I have an entry that on 27-01-1928 L.A.C.O. Müldner von Mülnheim Major a.D. and Referent bei der Generalverwaltung unter Belassung seines Dienstverhältnisses als persönlicher Adjutant des Kronprinzen received the HOH2bXaR
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