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  1. Wouldnt it be nice and revealing to have had Stefan answer the question on him and about him, by himself? But still a great article
  2. I am very curious where you came from all of a sudden as well. If you dont mind me saying: a series on Hannover without at least lists of names of recipients as the mere basis would be incomplete to the collecting community and useless for me personally Btw should you consider doing a series on kurhessen after your Hannover series, let me know. I have a great deal on this
  3. Hi! So what does the data on the CD look like? I have 1 EK2 recipient of the 1870s war I would like to know if he is on it: Secondelieutenant Louis Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich Müldner v. Mülnheim of GR 11
  4. Yes there are. There is a book in dutch on this order with extensive lists. Its title: onderscheidingen van de koning-groothertog I dont own it
  5. It has been a while. So I am trying this again....
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