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  1. It has been a while. So I am trying this again....
  2. Plus the centre of the medaillon appears to vaguely represent a vertical figure, just as is the case with the st. Henry order
  3. Right. As I stated before 🤣 Right. Thats what I said in my previous post. Well copied 🤣
  4. No he was not because Bernard jr was born from a morganatic marriage as stated above.
  5. Its somewhat more complicated than that. Bernhards parents marries morganatically. His mother was made a Countess of Biesterfeld at her wedding and both sons got their mothers name at birth. His mother and he and his brother Aschwin got the princely title in 1916 from his uncle the last reigning prince of Lippe-Detmold with the predicate of Durchlaucht. Subsequently at his wedding with Juliana he became HRH The Prince of the Netherlands. A Reichsfreiherr was made by the HRR emperor before the desolution of the empire in 1806. A Freiherr was made by any other kind of german souvereign at a
  6. Fürst is the title of the head of a house whereof the younger members are either princes or counts. E.g. Fürst Bismarck, other members are of comital rank; Fürst zu Sayn-W-H, younger members are princes. All depends on how, when and through whom the title of Fürst was initially acquired, either with primogenitur or not
  7. Its about a case he worked on. Ibviously a murdercase in Celle which ended in 3 executions
  8. I still think the crown on the marriage medal is one of the finest I have ever seen
  9. So is OEK2 the austrian iron crown order 2nd class? Pretty high for a hof fourier with 4th class awards
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