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  1. Yeah thats v. Rundsted for you. I once read somewhere he also choose to wore his prussian uniform in stead of his 3rd reich one.
  2. I have an entry that on 27-01-1928 L.A.C.O. Müldner von Mülnheim Major a.D. and Referent bei der Generalverwaltung unter Belassung seines Dienstverhältnisses als persönlicher Adjutant des Kronprinzen received the HOH2bXaR
  3. There were several awards of churhessian orders to the House Bentheim and its different branches CHGL2a 08.12.1817 to Carl Franz Eugen Fürst v. Bentheim (28.03.1791-04.12.1871) a churhess. Rittmeister CHGL2b 05.10.1831 to Friedrich Wilhelm Christian August Graf von Bentheim-Tecklenburg-Rheda (21.01.1767 - 26.12.1835) a churhessian Kammerherr CHGL1 14.03.1844 to Ludwig Casimir Wilhelm Heinrich Clemens Fürst zu Bentheim-Bentheim und Bentheim-Steinfurt a danish GM CHGL1 23.12.1848 to Ludwig Wilhelm Erbprinz von Bntheim-Bentheim und Bentheim-Steinfurt a collection of churhessian Orders is displayed in pics 3 and 4
  4. and how are the other recolourized gents? I am sure at least the ones with all the GC can be identified easyli
  5. not to be difficult, but its the house order of Oranje and the Order of Oranje-Nassau, right?
  6. So this site is wrong? https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orde_van_Oranje-Nassau#De_versierselen it says the decorations did not vary since the foundation of the order To me it looks more like this https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huisorde_van_Oranje#De_Huisorde_bij_zijn_instelling_in_1905_en_de_later_ingestelde_graden
  7. Hi I am looking for the career and awards of Felix Eugen Wilhelm Ludwig Albrecht Karl zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen-Oehringen. I know he was a SecLt aggregiert dem Garde-Cuirassier-Regiment in 1844. Thanks a lot! regards David
  8. Would it be possible to find a list of the first 14 awardees of the Schaumburg-Lippe MVM 1849 version? According to Dave Danner, there were 7 to SL-officers and 7 to Hessen-Kassel and Sachson officers. I am most interested in the names of the hessians. Sofar I have 3: Leutnant Georg Ernst Wille, Johnn Carl Rainier von Ende and Major Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Eduard Freiherr von Haynau. Hoping to complete the list, I turn to the experts on this forum
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