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  1. I think the author in question is very well able to make a useless remark like that himself. It would also be very possible to show just one. Or an example of how the entries in the book are set up. There is a difference in showing 'just' a list or putting biographical entries in a book which shows details such as.DOB And Dod. In stead of just codemning a question askes by a fellow member of this forum, you might want to try I dont know....a friendlier approach? Especially since you have nothing to do with the subject at all.
  2. You asked which was the star above the EK1 in this photo. Please compare the star above the EK1 in this photo with MWK1 and SEHO1.
  3. In the photo it is the MWK1, so correctly identified by Roman. Apart from the crown, the letters encircling are distinct from the SEHO1
  4. I think Komthur gave you a solid lead earlier as to where to find the owner of this miniaturechain. Dont you?
  5. The ennobled ancestor of this particular Buch family was Gustav Buch, GM and GA of the Duke of Sachsen-meiningen-hildburghausen. He was awarded a grade of the churhessian order of Wilhelm. Have to look it up when I get home.
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