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ARAB MEDALS -- United Arab Emirates

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The phaleristic (and political) history of the UAE is made more complex by virtue of the fact that it is a loose confederation of seven States. The United Arab Emirates was established on 2 December 1971 through the confederation of seven coastal, previously semi-independent, British-protected emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Uum al-Qaywayn, Ras al-Khaimah (joining the federation only in 1972), and Fujairah. Each of these have their own awards, as does the UAE.

Sources are very thin. See:



http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/cintas/cintasas.htm#e (click on "EMIRATOS ?RABES UNIDOS" and "VARIOS")


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1976-78 Lebanese Peacekeeping Medal

Ribbon: Stripes (left to right) of black, medium white, green, red, green, medium white, black.

Another naked medal, sorry.

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Military Unity Star, 1986

Awarded to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the confederation of the constituent emirates in 1971. Also described as the "1986 National Day Medal"?

Established: 1986? Manufactured by Spink of London.

Obverse: A 45-mm bronze star of dull and rather rough finish with ball points, resting on this a ten-pointed star, and, on this, a circle with the eagle of the U.A.E., surrounded by a wreath. Suspended by a straight bar suspender bearing the dates "1971-1986" (C.E.).

Reverse: Much like the obverse, but in the center circle the number "15" within a circle of seven linked hands, representing the unification of the seven constituent emirates. On the reverse suspension bar, "Al-Amadat Al-Arabiya Al-Matahadat" or "The United Arab Emirates".

Ribbon: 31 mm, red with 2-mm edge stripes (reading inward) of green and white and a 2-mm central black stripe; 2 mm green, 2 mm white, 10.5 mm red, 2 mm black, 10.5 mm red, 2 mm white, 2 mm green.

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Liberation of Kuwait, 1991

Awarded to U.A.E. troops which participated in the campaigns to liberate Kuwait in Gulf War II. The Emirates was the first Gulf state to propose combined military action to achieve the departure of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Ultimately, Emirati troops participated in the liberation of Kuwait City.

Obverse: Gilt circular medal, 38 mm. Outline map of Kuwait with prominent rays behind. At the lower left the arms of the U.A.E. with the crest on the eagle's chest enemeled. Suspended by a ring.

Reverse: Three-line inscription.

Ribbon: 40 mm, nine (essentially) equal stripes: black, yellow, gre*en, white, red, white, green, yellow, black. Black 5 mm, yellow 4 mm, green 4 mm, white 4 mm, red 6 mm, white 4 mm, green 4 mm, yellow 4 mm, black 5 mm.

Awards: As far as can be determined, the following Emirati participation can be traced: ground and air contingent in the G.C.C. "Peninsula Shield" force. In total, an estimated 1,497 Emiratian troops served in the war, of whom 6 were killed. None were recorded as wounded in combat.

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Dear Ilja,

The medal on the right is the U.A.E. Medal of Employee Distinction dating from 2009 - this award may be for Ministry of Interior staff but I am unsure.

The group of four medals from last years Bene Merenti auction are Palestinian and are the Order of Endurance of Beirut and date from the early 1980's when the PLO was forced to leave Lebanon for Tunisia. I am unsure as to whether they are trial or prooof pieces or were actually issued. I suspect they were not issued as there are two designs, different suspensions and ribbons.

Kind regards,


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Antonio, I am away from my research files but believe I summarised these medals in my fairly recent 4 part article in JOMSA on the awards of the UAE. I will be back in Riyadh by the end of the month so will be able to give details. Regards, Owain

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