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"What's New" at Kaiserscross.com

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On the site there will be three levels of battle information. this should help document collectors/researchers to place their guy on the field of battle.

In the "Whats new" section there have been some updates.

Brief overviews of the Years are given.

coming are brief overviews of the battles within those years (Verdun is up already)

Then in connection with the EK docs, events within those battles.

See below and let me know what you think...


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I have found numerous "Ravine of Death!" references to Verdun.

One map has it for the Albain Schlucht, but I have informed this is not the right one.

Either way... the Albain Schlucht was "The ravine of death" for many soldiers.

I would like to share a write up about a brave Pionier who risked his life in one of Verdun's ravines of death, to save a Comrade.




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