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I am afraid to say that this section has been slow to get off the ground.

Do stick around and pass the word as I would really like to get this section moving along a bit and your knowledge is needed !


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I missed out on one of those badly a couple of years ago.

I was at a military fair in England and this dealer had loads of fake Third Reich medals. As I was looking through the crap I found what I now know was a Schinkel type B Ek2. Because of all the fake crap I was a little unsure at first of what I had so I studied it for a while and fatally I hesitated and put it back amongst the other stuff. I walked away from his stall and turned back (thinking what the hell he only wanted ?30 for it anyway) and to my horror I saw another guy paying the dealer for the EK2. He had been watching me examine it and had picked it up as soon as my back was turned.

It wasn't until I got home and looking in Gordon Williamsons (then new) book I realised exactly it was I had missed out on. It was my own fault and I was pretty hacked off over it at the time and I still feel gutted even to this day.

He who hesitates is lost.

I bet the other guy was a very happy man :violent-smiley-017:

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Well I have quite a handful of EKs, mainly from the Great War, the others are 3rd Reich and 1957. There's about 30 odd altogether.

I've never ever seen a Schinkel apart from in books or on the net.

I know Dave B always has some nice examples (no Schinkels though) but I don't know where he hides them.


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I've posted mine here on the forum. Have a look. It's been given the thumbs up by Mr. Williamson, whom I consider THE expert in this field. I am also thrilled to see him posting here!!

I only hope he has patients for a bone head like myself!! rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif

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