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1911 police coronation medal roll

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3 hours ago, bigjarofwasps said:

Thanks Dave, that's really interesting & sad at the same time. Especially with regards to PC Rowlands. I'd be interested to know more about the incident, where did it occur. With the subsequent amalgamations does this mean that NWP can claim his George Medal? 

 I seem to recall seeing a KPM (gallantry) in a display case in Wrexham station years ago. Not sure whose it was or what the circumstances of it where either?


http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/arthur-rowlands-policeman-who-was-awarded-the-george-medal-8468693.html     This newspaper report suggests that  "He and the three colleagues who arrested his assailant were awarded the George Medal."  Are the other two Officers known?









The incident took place in August 1961 on the outskirts of the village of Machynlleth which was then in Merionethshire. Constable ROWLANDS was shot at the scene by Robert BOYNTON. There was a subsequent manhunt which lasted several days through the mountains and which involved a large number of police officers who were sent to assist the Gwynedd Constabulary. Arising out of the incident there were four George Medals awarded and two British Empire Medals for Gallantry. The recipients were as follows:-


Constable Robert CARSWELL - Liverpool City Police.

Constable Thomas Owen DAVIES - Mid-Wales Constabulary.

Constable Robert William ROBERTS - Shropshire Constabulary.

Constable Arthur Rees ROWLANDS - Gwynedd Constabulary.

The two BEM Gallantry medals were awarded to a Sergeant and a Constable of the Mid-Wales Constabulary.

If anyone wishes to read the full circumstances of the incident please "google" the Liverpool City Police history website. Under "Roll of Honour" you will see "Robert CARSWELL". Click on that and you are there.


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On 4/12/2016 at 19:07, MetPolice said:

I've got the whole roll photographed on my computer. Post for lookups if required. 


Hi Met does this offer still stand? 

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On ‎20‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 19:08, Dave Wilkinson said:

This is the final force photograph of the entire Merionethshire Constabulary taken on the 30th September 1950. At midnight the force ceased to exist. Chief Constable Richard Jones retired at the same time. As an aside, they ceased to wear helmets at the end of the 2nd WW. Fourth from the right on the back row is Constable Arthur Rowlands who years later was to be awarded the George Medal following his being shot in the face (and blinded) by a suspected burglar, Robert Boynton.


Merionethshire 1950.jpg

Great photo.

My father, Constable Wyn Roberts (4th row, 3rd from left), spoke highly of Arthur Rowlands' bravery and his charity work with guide dogs. After the Merionethshire Constabulary ceased to exist it became part of the Gwynedd Constabulary with the Anglesey and Caernarvonshire Constabularies. In 1967, the Flintshire and Denbighshire Constabularies joined forces with the Gwynedd Constabulary, and in 1974 it was renamed the North Wales Police. My father was the last Police Officer, who had served with the Merionethshire Constabulary, to retire in 1980.

Edited by Gareth Roberts

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