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Chris Boonzaier

"Seniors" of the Iron cross...

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Hi Chris,

it is a little bit difficult for me, to describe it in English, but I will try it.

There was an organization of old "Inhaber" (wearer) of the Iron Cross 1813, named "Senioren des Eisernen Kreuzes".

I know, that wearer of both classes had been icluded, but I do not know, wether all ranks or only officers had been included.

The organization wanted to present a dedication (Widmung) to King Wilhelm on 3. August 1870.

The dedication had been finished, but it had not been handed over, caused on the beginning war against France (politische Verhältnisse).

It should be handed over sometime later

But the two initiators, v. Bonin and Bork, asked for payment of unpaid contributions, that hey could pay the skilled workmen (Ouvriers).


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Hi Uwe,

thanks, that was what I thought, was not sure if there was something I was missing because I am not sure what the "Widmung" related to.

What is the purpose of the "er" after the dates? Must be an old form.



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