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I've always been fascinated with Mongolia and the Khalkin Gol Campaign. Many years ago, I had a chance to get out to Khalkin Gol. Along the way, we stopped off at TAMSAG BULAG (sometimes spelled Tamsak Bulak). I just had to go there...because I just loved the name! I used to tell my wife: "One of these days, I have to go visit Tamsag Bulag!" This place was once a giant Soviet airfield and military staging area to fight the Japanese forces at Khalkin Gol. I was expecting to see an old airfield, aircraft relics, etc. When we got there, my reaction was: "WTF...!" There was absolutely nothing there but a few broken down buildings and absolutely no trees nor bushes!!!  Sorry, but no 7-11 and no Starbucks! It had a population of 5 (a yurt with a Mongolian shepherd family) with a flock of goats, sheep, horses, and a camel. The Japanese bombed the base and there were vicious dogfights overhead.

So I had my photo taken there, just to show my wife that I was at the ends of the earth. My buddy and I joked about making a T-shirt which reads: "I'VE BEEN TO TAMSAG BULAG, HAVE YOU?"

And now that I've been there and showed you the photos, you don't have to make the grueling journey! Saved you time and money. I appreciated Bob sharing his photos of Lake Khasan, which was on my bucket list. Thanks to him, I don't have to go there now! He's saved me thousands of dollars!!!

Tamsag Bulag2.jpg

Tamsag Bulag6.jpg

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