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I wonder if anyone can help me...as a retired officer I was recently given an old police whistle, which the donator thought would be of interest to me. Joining in the early 70's, these had already disappeared from my forces uniform and I never had one of my own. 

It is a standard "The Metropolitan" model, stamped with a (collar?) number 2717 and also stamped "London City Police". It has the makers name  J. Hudson and address 244 Barr St., Birmingham. On the top, it is stamped "Patent 5727.08"

A quick Google suggests that this makers address dates it post-1908, and I understand the patent puts it to the period from that date to approx 1920? This ties in with the information I was supplied by the person who gave it to me, i.e. the period between the wars.

Can anyone confirm the approx age of the whistle and, if possible identify the officer with collar number / warrant number 2717? Unlike some of the county forces I understand better records exist for our London based colleagues.

Thanks in anticipation,




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Many thanks for link and info ayedeeyew. So, according to the site, it dates from 1909 (244 Barr St address) to 1922 (stopped using patent stamp), which is useful. I know whose whistle it was, I just wondered if the number was his collar number. I didn't realise the actual whistles were numbered. 

The website is really good. I didn't realise there was such interest and information about such a humble object.

Kind regards,


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