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Question about UK and USA pilot wings

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I am chinese, donot know about UK. so want got help.

on ebay , can found UK pilot wings as my show. but most of them are sweetheart brooch.

i want ask:  what size for real UK wings at WWI and WWII ? my mean is not sweetheart brooch. real used for pilot. 

same question for USA. and who can show a real USA wings about WW ii ?



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Not sure I can be of much help as I don't know a great deal about RAF insignia.

The wings you show are imho Sweetheart style jewellery and not official issue. I am not even sure I have ever seen RAF pilot wings in anything other than cloth but I'm sure someone more RAF knowledge should be able to help.

This link seems to cover everything


Sorry can't be any more helpful


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The British Badge Forum - http://www.britishbadgeforum.com/forums/ - has a whole section on the Royal Flying Corps and RAF.  I'm sure someone there can give you the dimensions of the cloth RAF wings.  Coldstream is correct, I think, in saying that RAF [and RCAF, RAAF, RIAF] pilots did not wear metal wings, only the cloth wings, sewn on the left breast of the tunic.

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