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Jonas E

Masonic medal

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Can you provide any information about this medal?

Weight 22.2 gram. 75*50mm. Looks like guilded copper or something.


The year 1794, is it when the lodge was created or is the medal that old?

Any value?

Best regards Jonas

frimur1 (Large).jpg

frimur2 (Large).jpg

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Hi Jonas E....If this is not a reproduction or fake, it is a Masonic Royal Arch Chapter jewel, struck 1794 and presented to Companion I.N. Ekerman (I suspect in 1797), the A.L. date should be 5794 and the scroll on the bottom should show ' Exalted' and the date ( appears to show something like 'Whestley Fecit Strand', which may be the Lodge/Chapter name). In those days lodges and chapters did a lot of their own designs before everything was standardised in the 1800's

If the jewel is real it could/will be quite valuable...have it checked out here... http://freemasonry.london.museum/

Good luck with it

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Whalley is the name of the Silversmith he was based at 179 the Strand. Ekerman is a Swedish name which suggests he was probably a Swedish merchant based in London. Sweden had a strong tradition of Freemasonry in the 18th century with strong royal backing.

A most interesting jewel all 18th century masonic insignia is rare, it is a pity that the lodges name is not mentioned.


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