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  1. Wonderful item !!! Thank you for sharing that!
  2. hello Blackcowboy, Did you write me about this medal? If yes, I didn't received it. Kind regards.
  3. Thanks for sending me a french translation of the letter of Eggeling. I think also this award document is rare. An other one that was in the Prince of Monaco's collection has been sold some years ago.
  4. Valentin de Salha, Cte de Hoene, concillor of state, grand master of the Queen's Household, minister of the war (october 29, 1810); knight of the Order of the Crown (january 25, 1810), commander of the same order (january 15, 1811); count de Hohne (september 23, 1810; count of the French Empire (april 23,1812); french general; grand cross of the Order of the Two Sicilies, officer of the Légion d'Honneur (march 7, 1813). The medal:
  5. A nice certificate and the Medal of Honor for Friedrich Sächtling, "Musicant im Batallion der Jaeger Garde". 14 Marz 1813. (for the Russian campaign).
  6. Than you. I had a doubt o knowing if the medal was a military (Guelfen-Medaille) or a civilan one, because it is no grade or unit indication.
  7. Hello Blackcowboy and others. Would like to know what you think about this medal and the recipient: « CARL HEINR.OPPERMANN »
  8. Hello Blackcowboy, thanks for your feedback. Referring to J. Nimmergut: "Deutsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen bis 1945. I.", the horse is an integral part of the medal and does not seam to be soldered. Perhaps a private manufacture? Would you have a photo of such an item?
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