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Urgent help needed re: a 1914 Grand Cross:

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Hi all. I have a close friend... she's like my older sister, who also collects and who made a purchase on Ebay last night while I was incommunicado at work. Hoping this is okay... it's the link to the auction which has ended.


First off, need, if possible, to know if this is indeed an original, ie: one made during either WW1 or WW2 for display in museums/shops or if it's simply a more modern copy? Secondly, if so, is it worth what she paid or thereabouts?

The listing states in the title that it's cased and is a Godet, yet no pics were provided of the case. She's written to request same.

After the auction ended she discovered a previous auction where the same seller sold a cased example which went for less:


This made her more than a bit nervous and she wishes she'd thought to look before bidding.

Hoping all is okay but felt best to post here and let the experts take a crack at it. I do not want to see her get taken and would prefer to try to find out what's what before the item is shipped. She sadly paid right after the auction but hoping if it's not a good one then we can get it worked out before shipment and get her money refunded. She paid via Paypal so has the coverage from them and Ebay but hoping against hope we don't have to go that route.

However, if it's a period piece used for display purposes at the time then I'd be okay with it as I know awarded examples are pretty much impossible to obtain and would cost a mint. If she even went just a bit high then that's still okay as we all do that from time to time with pieces we really really want.

Hoping I can get some help/opinions on this and save the day if it needs saving.

Many thanks in advance!

God bless,



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The Grand crosses shown are fakes and I hope she can get a refund.

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