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Sword Identification help please

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Good Morning,

Can anyone help to identify the sword in the attached photograph please.

Regards, Derek.

Bavarian Sword 2 A.jpg

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You're not giving us much to go on!  

I'd guess, and it's definitely a guess, that it's NOT British but probably cavalry with a hilt like that and, I think, a curved blade.  A shot of the whole sword and, more importantly, any stamps - letters, numbers, symbols -  on the blade or hilt would help a lot in identifying it.  A wooden hilt is unusual, I think, but it may have been covered in leather originally too, so that may not help.

Sorry I can't say more.  perhaps one of our blade experts can chip in here?


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You're correct Peter more details are needed.

Derek, if possible please post more photos showing the details mentioned by Peter. It might help if you were to post the existing photo and the ones containing more details in the Military Hardware section in the area that deals with swords.  This might get the attention of European sword collectors.

I  have to agree with Peter that this is not very likely a British sword but to me it looks French or possibly an American Civil War sword sold to the CSA by the French. Most of my research material deals with British swords so I too am making a guess.

Good luck with your search, if I find out something new about your sword I will post the information.



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Hello : To my limited knowledge its a French one , napoleonic , of line cavalry , Dragoons . If is long , heavy and straight could be of cuirassiers , 

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