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Finnish War of Independence medal

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Hi all,

I have here one Finnish War of Independence medal that is made from iron and lacking any hallmarks under the sabre.

Does some of you can advise who made these and what period?

I have had Swedish made silver medals before with the hallmarks but this one is a mystery to me.

Here is one another iron example but it is also hallmarked by Sweden maker as well:


Also, I do not have intending to keep it, so if any of you can advise in respect of fair value then that would be great.





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Well, according to E. F. Wrede "Finlands Utmärkelsetecken" from 1946, this is the official Finnish version ("struck in iron with a diameter of 30mm").

Sweden may have struck medals for Swedish participants in the Finnish 1918 War of Independence, thus having Swedish hallmarks.

Wrede does not mention anything about 'later versions made in silver'.

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Hi Timo ,

At least two companies made these medals , Tillander in Finland and Sporrong in Sweden 

Swedish made was hallmarked and some of the Finnish ones ( LT )

They where awarde until 1937 !  almost 20 year after the war ....




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