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A pleasant surprise

For a long time I wanted to have a ribbon of 1870

I bought it if I knew what regiment it belonged to.

and I began to analyze the units that had participated in the actions indicated in the pins.

Fahnenband für den Krieg gegen Frankreich "1870/1871". Seidenband der Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 mit 12 Fahnenbandspangen,.



Fahnenband 1870-71 MIT 12 SPANGEN.jpg

A1 1 - doc04040720180412223847_001.jpg

A1 2 - doc04041120180412224008_001.jpg

A1 3 - doc04041520180412224125_001.jpg

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After reviewing the book in detail. "Geschichte der Königlich Preußisches Fahnen und Standarten"
I found out what regiment was the tape: Kürassier-Regiment Königin (Pommetsches) Nr.2



2 kÜR.RGT 001.jpg

ST.AMAND - 2 KÜR.RGT a.jpg

ST.AMAND - 2 KÜR.RGT b.jpg

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