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    New Membership Levels



    As of Monday 5th March 2012 new levels of membership will be introduced at GMIC.
    To make it simpler to understand the new membership categories are listed below:

    • Basic
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum

    All of these membership categories can be achieved without cost and are based on a combination of active participation and time served on GMIC. There is also an option to achieve higher levels of membership on joining or by a reduced level of participation time. This is through voluntary monetary contribution which assists GMIC in remaining a free service open to all.

    To understand the different levels of membership please click here

    Enamel Membership pins are also now available for purchase. Cost is dependent on membership level but for basic members the cost is £5.99 including (worldwide) postage. To purchase a membership go to Members Store


    Recommended Comments

    Received my membership pin yesterday.
    Very fine design and excellent quality !!!
    Question to the Chairman: Which company has manufactured the pin?

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