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    1. thanks Paul thanks Rob. we usually only know the copy commonly found on ebay..
    2. Yes, authenticate. very good condition. "The Order of Merit (Spanish: Orden al Mérito) is a Chilean order and was created in 1929. Succeeding the Medal of the Merit, which was created during the term of the President Germán Riesco through the Minister of War decree No. 1350 on 4 September 1906. This new national distinction was created to recognize the meritorious service provided by foreign military personnel to Chilean officials. The order is only awarded to foreigners." wiki Order of Merit (Chile) - Wikipedia Lambert
    3. Boa dia! . Hello everybody. after a long time without any news, I found something in a KÜNKER auction catalog, something interesting. I did some research but didn't find anything (besides pictures of the singer...😂 ) I've never really read anything about this reproduction.. did anyone already know this? Regards Lambert ops... Taylor's copy , does anyone know more?
    4. Hello. It looks like a shoulder badge from LA FALANGE "Falangist" of Fascist inspiration from the Far Right, about Leadership to Francisco Franco. But I don't know if it's authentic. Best Lambert https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falangism
    5. great. Probably belonged to the same person. I am glad to hear that. Thank you one more time
    6. thank you very much JapanX . I have this one here. I think it's a cufflink, have you seen it before? lambert
    7. Hello All Getting this little one at an Auction, I believe it refers to the Japanese Red Cross in the period of World War II. But I don't know much about this.. Best Regards Lambert
    8. No, it's an authentic Type 2 . Hello All. This Vic Brazil is authentic, type 2. I already had negotiations with her, before the start of the Pandemic, but the seller did not close the deal. now she is extremely expensive.
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