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  1. Hello Alls. I have in my collection this medal that is well known. The commemorative medal of Italian Volunteers in Spain 1936. as I already know, it is found in Bronze; but this copy of mine I believe to be SILVER. Does anyone have any thoughts about? engraver marked "M." on the reverse, 33 mm
  2. Hello Bill .. Thank you very much for elucidating the issue of the buckle on the Vic Portuguese . Regards Lambert
  3. Congratulations Bil !! Very nice. Unfortunately I do not know the symbolism of the buckle on the Ribbon of the Medal .. I have Portuguese collectors friends, but not even they have consensus on the purpose. I think it may be by the time of service; example: 10 years of Armed Forces etc ... but I'm not sure. So I believe the Buckle can be inserted into the Ribbon after some time. Regards Lambert
  4. I do not know for sure, it has been a long time since I followed the sales auctions. ... Lambert
  5. USS Kerlew (ID-1325) was a USS Kerlew (ID-1325) was a United States Navy cargo ship in commission from 1918 to 1919.
  6. Hi Gábor.. Not necessarily, although it is "rare" it is not an official medal, so price quotation may not mean it is more coveted. I always give more value to the OFFICIAL medal. But for who Collects the VICs (Victory Medals), (not a very large group) These medals can be quite interesting. I what I think. Best Regards Lambert
  7. No, it's an Unofficial Type 2. without the sculptor's signature. Note the absence of "O" on the back of the medal. Possibly made in France It's a very hard medal to find I consider Rare. A ribbon is invaluable. Lambert
  8. Yes it's an Official medal with the Italian ribbon (maybe) .. It's a good piece. Lambert
  9. French Medal of the 1920s, this model, described as "reproduction" by A. Laslo, is rarer than the production models of Czechoslovakia. nice example! Lambert
  10. This medal is considered "a fantasy" , there is no evidence that it really was an official commemorative medal of the First World War. unfortunately. Lambert
  11. its variety does not have the back of the medal, I got a picture of this example and the illustration of a book showing the variations of the Italian VIC. Lambert
  12. The only allowed on the Vic British ribbon was the MID emblem.
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