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  1. Those are some...um..."handsome" ladies!
  2. Though this is made in the US, it's from the 1950s. Not sure if the red star is trying to mimic a Soviet pistol (like a Nagant), but the overall design is also much like one of the US model revolvers. Still, 1950s were pretty deep in the Cold War and a "red star" sure meant "communist" back then.
  3. Mostly what you are seeing on the top are EOTech holographic sights. They're pretty cool. My friend has one on his AR-15. There is a little window you look through that displays a circle with crosshairs. You can keep both eyes open when doing this (good for being aware of your surroundings, etc). Even if the device gets muddy, cracked, half destroyed, it will still display the reticle in whatever small area is not affected. Other items are Trijicon scopes. Again, these have lighted crosshairs or dots, but magnify the image (EOTechs don't magnify anything, just make target acquisition quicker.)
  4. There are some nice helmets shown here. I only have to go with my Russian rifle collection. Here are some photos of my 1944 dated Model40 helmet.
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