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    1. Welcome to the internet brotherhood. Been there,done that,not got the T shirt,returned it for a Provincial apron. Alan 5683
    2. There are a lot in the Dorset County masonic museum. Yes I mean a lot. More than 20. Alan 5683
    3. The reverse side is a "Mark" keystone. Alan 5683
    4. My money is on Junior Warden.Think about it. Alan 5683
    5. What size is the "greyscale" one. Alan 5683
    6. What size is the jewel please?. Alan 5683
    7. St Patricks Cathedral is next door but one to The Lodge. Been there,done that. Alan 5683
    8. This is a collar jewel of "The Third Provincial Grand Principal"in the Royal Arch Province of North Wales. Alan Sainter 1313
    9. United Grand Lodge of England. Alan S. 5683
    10. Dont know about 1651,but there isn't one there now,or any lodge calling itself Bickley,anywhere else. Alan
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